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109043Re: Any problems with your PayPal while in Costa Rica?

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  • Tim McHyde
    Apr 1 9:40 AM
      I don't know what you mean by "blocked".

      I had a similar sounding problem with downloading history. If I cleared cookies in Firefox, it tripped a security cookie that deactivated downloading of account history. I had to call them up to reset it. Finally I got a very clever guy who offered to lock my account into my computer and have it disregard the cookie thing. Have not had a problem since. With PayPal you usually have to talk to a few unhelpful Indian support personal before you get to a (US) "support specialist" who can do such magic. If I were you I'd try to call again and ask for Jacob x75035 (Sat-Sun only) who is qualified in all areas. It sounds like your VPN and DNS irregularities are right up his alley to intuit and resolve.
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