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105933Re: Yellow fever shot question

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  • puravida1@rocketmail.com
    Feb 3, 2010
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      This from Farmacia Fischel here in Costa Rica:

      Jeff dice:
      how much is the charge?
      Fabian Garrido Cordero dice:
      the product recommend is STAMARIL INY X0.5 ML, and it cost ¢28
      Fabian Garrido Cordero dice:
      sorry, ¢17.401

      I spoke with Doctora Natalia at Cima. Hospital Cima charges less than(~15,000 colones). They will give you the paperwork that you then need to take to the Ministerio de Salud for a certified statement that you have had the shot. You must take your actual passport to receive the treatment. You only need the vaccine if you are traveling to a country where there is a risk.

      You can also probably get the vaccine in Rivas, NI which is the closest city to the Costa Rican Fronterra. Most drugs are far more inexpensive in Nicaragua than Costa Rica.

      If I had one piece of advice for your drive thru Central America it would be to bring your own toilet seat and toilet paper. Also bring along some Cipro.
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