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105807Re: survival earthquake diaster

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  • katya
    Feb 1, 2010
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      > The scientific validity of the conclusions expressed in the article has been questioned by others.
      > We'd recommend sticking with safety information prepared by established earthquake safety experts, such as the American Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency."

      I have been in many earthquakes in different countries but the worst was the 7.4 earthquake in Limon in 1991. One thing was certain, you couldn't walk anywhere. When the ground shakes this much under your feet its the feeling of vertigo and your balance centers in your inner ear go wack. All you can do is crawl if you are not fear paralyzed. We had so many after shocks for a month afterwards, (most in the 6's) that it took a year for me to feel the ground had finally stopped moving.

      Back in the 50's they used to tell us to get under our desks at school if there was an atomic bomb blast. That was considered scientifically valid also. What is scientifically valid today usually isn't in 10-20 years. I personally will use the triangle of life idea and crawl to the closest object that might give me the space to continue living.
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