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Re: more simultaneous nervous breakdowns

But I beg to disagree. Very little of the news that's fit to print and a hell of a lot that isn't. Or, as another of the august (oh, it's only julio, isn't
10:23 AM

more simultaneous nervous breakdowns

You gotta admit AM Costa Rica, like Adolph Ochs in years gone by, does bring you "all the news that's fit to print" . . . I love most that this is a lead
7:36 AM

Medical Review the CAJA and Cancer

This article, while focusing on cervical cancer in Costa Rica, contains much information on the history of medical treatment here, illustrating part of why
John French
5:16 AM

Fw: Border Run, If fact there is a cheaper way then flying.

Thanks for the advice Jeff. The drive to Los Chiles (time, gas, and wear and tear on my car) makes it not worth doing in my opinion. I found a round trip
David Bruyere
Jul 23

Re: Tex Mex in Costa Rica? . . . . .

Norman's chile was so good they made him a judge so he couldn't compete . . . OK so it's a good story . . . no no it's true . . . Berni [Non-text portions of
Jul 22

Re: Does Costa Rica back Maduro?

Ligia Fallas y José Ramírez went to Managua on their own. Neither of them is even cooperating with the FA anymore, let alone the PAC or the presidencia. The
Peter Wendell
Jul 21

Re: Does Costa Rica back Maduro?

Don't be frightened!! Two Frente Amplia ( extreme leftist) legislators traveled to Nicaragua in support of a vote on Maduro's proposal for a new constitution.
Jul 21

Re: Does Costa Rica back Maduro?

But enough left-wing members of Frente Amplio supported Maduro so that it weakened the cr position.
Joe Harrison
Jul 21

Re: Does Costa Rica back Maduro?

You read wrong. Costa Rica most definitely does not support Nicolás Maduro.
Peter Wendell
Jul 21

Does Costa Rica back Maduro?

Please correct me if I'm wrong. Did I read that the CR gov't is backing the Maduro dictatorship, that really frightens me, what could happen here. Did I read
Jul 21

Re: Border Run

... == == . If you have your approved residency (Pensionado or Rentista, etc.) and can present your cédula or your comprobante from your residency appli-
Jul 21

Border Run

Anyone know if there would be a problem flying to Managua, Nicaragua from SJO and flying back on the same day as a "border run"? I see tickets for $139 round
David Bruyere
Jul 21

Re: Tex Mex in Costa Rica? . . . . .

Agree with Paul. I highly recommend Jalapeno's Central in Alajuela Centro. It's number one on Trip Adviser and Norman's chili has won awards in annual chili
Frank Brennan
Jul 20

Re: Tex Mex in Costa Rica? . . . . .

Steven, . There used to be a TexMex place in Heredia but I'm told it closed a couple years back. . Now you could do worse than trying JALAPEÑOS CENTRAL in
Jul 20

Tex Mex in Costa Rica?

Any good Tex Mex restaurants? Steven
Steve Zimmerman
Jul 20
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