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Re: [CorvusBrothers] out in the open. -Brothers only plz

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  • Albert and Suzanne Anderson
    serenityf@aol.com wrote: This guy says he wants to be in Corvus. Some members of Corvus seem to doubt his intentions. This seems a better issue to discuss
    Message 1 of 9 , Mar 1, 2009
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      serenityf@... wrote:  "This guy says he wants to be in Corvus.  Some members of Corvus seem to doubt his intentions.  This seems a better issue to discuss in person.  The end."


      I completely agree with Serenity's sentiment, above, except for the "end" part.  Asa's going to speak to him off list.

      Unfortunately, it's not really over until just prior to May war when we agreed to reevaluate Darren's suspension that resulted from his attendance at September Potrero despite our group decision not to attend.  The fact that he didn't know about that ban speaks volumes about how active he was prior to that point.  The fact that he claims not to have known about his own suspension speaks even louder.  But all of that is now just water under the bridge except that we have to follow through on our own plan to suspend Darren's status as a Brother until May when we will decide whether to lift his suspension based on his actions during that suspension.

      This whole thing would be a complete non-issue if he came to regular practices to stay current.  Where he camps, who he party's with, and whether he would like dual membership in another group are only relevant in as much as those things might or might not weigh in on the active members' votes in May.

      At this point, there is no motion or serious talk about making some wider policy about camping, or partying, or fighting, or anything else for that matter.  I would oppose any such policy even if it were proposed.  Darren's is a special case only because all of those issues have managed to come together at the same time as his suspension for attending September war despite our vote not to attend.

      And yet Darren didn't come to practice, again, today.  Or the last brigade practice.  Or the one before that.  Or any other Corvus-only even in well over 6 months.  Hell, even Bruno showed up today, albeit not in armor.

      There is a practice on the third Wednesday of this month at 7 PM.  And there is one on the first Sunday in April.  There may be another practice in May, but that's about it, unless he can get up to one of the practices at Murdy Park in Orange County.  At this point, e-mails are a waste of time because actions will speak louder than words.  I would strongly encourage him to get to every single one of those Corvus events that he possibly can attend in armor and fighting.

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