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297Re: [CorvusBrothers] Events

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  • Ryan
    Sep 11, 2013
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      Blood, cold, and mud!

      Sent from: somewhere under your bed!


      On Sep 11, 2013, at 9:54 PM, Scott Saunders <skruffyscott@...> wrote:


      I like Estrella. I get to beat the shit out of people who don't have your shield boss design already impressed all over them. The nights are cold and yea it rains but it makes for good fighting weather. The mud and cold makes me feel good and blood thirsty all over. When this deadman's bits make my knee do what I tell it to, I will look forward to the cold mud.

      On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 4:55 PM, patrick kaschube <pkaschube@...> wrote:

      Actually having the two wars close is a bous in my mind since packing is easy. Money is tough agreed.
        As far as Ryan and September War,man that was hot as hell also and you couldn't have fires. If you looked at the dirt wrong it caught on fire. It was truly not fair for the desert folks to have to travel all the way to Potrero twice a year with no warin their back year. Conrad, the current prince and his lady are from Vegas if I'm not mistaken and they were appreciative to not have a close war.
          Starkhafen (sp?)  drives seven hours to Potrero to support Caid and it would seem like we could assemble more at least a full shield wall.
        There are a lot of brothers and I would just like to see more than three or four at that event. Again I would suggest that if we are a warband then attending more than two wars a year would seem to be appropriate.

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      Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2013 09:13:30 -0700
      Subject: RE: [CorvusBrothers] Events

      I can appreciate the sentiment, but the problem is this war is close to GWW and most people don't show up because they had limited budget.  I can barely justify the 2 wars I already attend, and I am satisfied with the amount of people who do show up to those.  The problem really is trying to do any kind of hobby in a very expensive state.  

      Corvus is a warband, and the 2 biggest wars in the kingdom are dominated by us year after year proves it.


      To: corvusbrothers@yahoogroups.com
      From: pkaschube@...
      Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2013 22:53:52 +0000
      Subject: [CorvusBrothers] Events


      Being a two event warband as I saw mentioned in a different topic is disappointing. From what I was told at Highland from the folks in Vegas, Talon Crescent (if that is the correct name) will not be a war in 2014 because they don't have a site yet. I'm not going to Estrella for the foreseeable future as that war is a mess.
         I know it is going to be another year before it happens again but I would really like to push the brothers to go to Highland war 2014. Yes it was hot and yes I was fighting with a crossbow not a scutum but this out of shape 48 year was on the field.
        Are we a warband in name only? No I'm not throwing down the gauntlet I'm just disappointed that we don't attend a war that is in our own kingdom because it is hot. By 6 a breeze had picked up and it was pleasant. I had more fun at Highland than I have had in a long time. Talk to the Myrmidons, talk to the Orkneys I think they would agree with me. Miro and Feelan (sp?) kicked butt ask them.  I understand that people don't want to show up on a Thursday, I understand the traffic on a Friday coming out of S.D.  to Victorville sucks but my traffic in LA sucked and the war was worth it. Only  two wars a year as a warband sucks more.

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