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RE: Namibian Seal Clubbing - Here's the Letter I Sent

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  • Lindy Greene
    Here s the letter I sent: How can you permit the clubbing of baby seals? Under what cognitive, emotional, and moral deficits do you labor that you can condone
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2008
      Here's the letter I sent:
      How can you permit the clubbing of baby seals?
      Under what cognitive, emotional, and moral deficits do you labor that you can condone such barbarity?
      There are no words to describe you and your Canadian confederate, Loyola Hearn. Each of you empirically suffers from irremediable psychopathology - a condition hard-wired into your fetid brains on the unfortunate occasions of the fusion of the gametes that conceived you.
      Like all psychotics, you sit comfortable and pain-free while other sentient beings die agonizing and undeserved deaths. I'll wager you whine, whimper, and snivel if you experience so much as a hangnail, while you cavalierly dismiss the anguish of thousands of suckling infants in their nurseries.
      Neither of you malignant narcissists has the faintest notion of what it means to be a man or a leader. I fervently wish someone would club the worthless lives from both of you in front of the slatterns who bore you. 

      Send the Prime Minister of Namibia, Nahas Angula, a personal email to <nangula@opm. gov.na>, and urge him to immediately announce an end to his country's seal clubbing policy.

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      From: Susan Gordon [mailto:veganvirago@ comcast.net]
      Sent: Monday, July 07, 2008 12:27 PM
      To: Susan Gordon
      Subject: letters still needed though Namibian Seal Products, Banned in EU

      Sent: 7/4/2008 6:30:39 PM
      Subject: Its Done - Namibian Seal Products, Banned in EU

      Dear All Cape Fur Seal Supporters,
           This is the most important email I have written since I decided to dedicate my life to the seals a decade ago. Since, I have dreamed of one thing, stopping men herding seal pups together and clubbing them violently to death. In 1972, the United States government did its part, and banned Cape fur seal product imports, and still the baby seal clubbing continued with exports changed to Europe. Now Europe has done its part. Whilst I write this, Namibian sealers will herd terrified wild seal pups together, surrounding them, and club the group to death. see video (http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=uzPcAvEARwI). To reach the 80 000 pup quota, they must club to death 500 seals pups per day. Its a horrible and violent way to die.
           We can stop this, and we can stop this right now, if you make the decision to send the Prime Minister of Namibia, Nahas Angula, a personal email to <nangula@opm. gov.na>, and urge him to immediately announce an end to his country's seal clubbing policy. After you have done this, send it to all your contacts, with your own personal appeal to them. The power of one starts with you, if by Monday, tens of thousands of appeals fills his in-box, we might soon thereafter hear the news that will fill our hearts with happiness, and we will each know, we were part of something, very, very good and very powerful.
           Please just do this one thing, rich or poor, old or young. It will change your life forever that I guarantee.
      For the Seals
      Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA
      Seal Alert-SA Press Release, 4 July 2008
      Its Done ! - Namibian Seal Products - Banned in EU
      Namibia's sick seal clubbing of baby seals to 'protect' fish stocks
            Cape fur seal pups have been clubbed to death for over 500 years, millions have been cruelly and needlessly slaughtered - now its finally over. No market, means no seal clubbing.
            Less than 4 days, after Namibia's has started its daily, annual baby seal clubbing season of 80 000 baby seal pups, Globe and Mail (http://www.theglobe andmail.com/ servlet/story/ LAC.20080704. SEAL04/TPStory/ National) reports that EU Commissioner for the Environment Stavros Dimas has announced that "Products from seals killed "inhumanely" would be banned from the European Union under a proposal going to member countries this month for approval. Just what is meant by "inhumane" is one part of the proposal's wording that has not yet been finalized, but a spokeswoman for European Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said the term would likely include death by clubbing".
           Adding, "Mr. Dimas appeared confident it will pass. "We have strong support from the French presidency", which has taken over the EU in July 2008".
           Of the 86 000 seal quota announced by Namibia on July 1, 93% or 80 000 seal pups must be clubbed to death, according to the regulations, consists of nursing baby seals, who according to the Namibian Sealing Regulations relating to the exploitation of Marine Resources, Part 1. Definitions and Part IV. Conservation Measures; Section 20, Seals, Government Gazette of the Republic of Namibia. 7 December 2001. Windhoek. Namibia.
            Defines a seal pup, as meaning a "pup" means a seal in its first year of life.
            4 Sealing Rights Holders with 7 - 15 year sealing rights granted in 2007, are permitted to hire workers to go out and club to death 80 000 seal pups per year, for the next two years.
            Last year in a Seals Press Release, Namibia defined these "Seal Clubber" as "140 unemployed, poor and destitute". Clearly these hired individuals cannot distinguish a seal pup from a seal.
            "Seal Clubber", is defined as a member of a sealing team equipped with a sealing club (pick-axe handle). Sealing Regulations - "(1) Seals must be harvested in the presence of at least one Fisheries Inspector, [who could be any staff member within the Ministry]. (2) A holder of a right must identify a group of pups to be harvested [But how?], which must be driven away from the sea and allowed to settle down before clubbing begins, care must be taken to facilitate the escape of adult seals [all seals older than 1 year]. (3) After the identified pups have settled down, they must be harvested as follows (a) a group of pups must be released from the group, in the direction of the sea; (b) a clubber must kill a pup by clubbing it on top of the head with a sealing club, when the group of pups (flee) past the clubbers (attempting to reach the safety of the sea). (c) The inspector overseeing the harvest must be satisfied that a pup, which has been clubbed, is dead (how, by clubbing it repeatedly?) ".
           Francois Hugo is indeed pleased, "its done, its over, its banned", my thanks to the media, seal supporters, De Beers, MEP's in Europe, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Germany, and all the people in France and in particularly EU Commissioner Stavros Dimas and all his staff. "This is an historic and great day for seal conservation" .
           As Cape fur seals are listed as an Appendix II endangered listed species, under the United Nations - Convention In Trade of Endangered Species, CITES (www.cites.org). As Namibia exports 100% of these raw baby seal skins and products, this export trade will now be banned, and impossible to export legally, as each export requires a CITES permit, contravention of this EU ban and CITES convention, could have serious repercussions for all wildlife trade from Namibia.
           According to CITES trade database, Namibia has exported Cape fur seal skins to 21 EU countries since becoming independent. Although it has recently signed a 3-year contract to supply Turkey a non-EU member, Turkey is itself seeking to become an EU member.
           The right and Honorable thing, right now, would be for the Namibian Prime Minister Nahas Angula, to announce an end to Namibia's Seal Clubbing Policy.
           Will he stop the seal cruelty ?
           I sincerely trust he will or it forces Seal Alert-SA to intensify its Boycott of Namibia campaign, something it would prefer not to do.
      For the Seals
      Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA
      10 years of Seal Protection and Rescue
      27-21-790 8774

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