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Re: [AR-News] URGENT: Please sign petition to free Austrian animal activists!

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  • Lindy Greene
    This is exemplary of the latest craze in the world, spearheaded by the United States: indeterminate detention, suspension of habeas corpus, warrantless
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2008
      This is exemplary of the latest craze in the world, spearheaded by the United States: indeterminate detention, suspension of habeas corpus, warrantless wiretapping and spying, violation of domestic law, and flouting of international covenants. Oh, and let's not forget torture!
      The psychosexual deviates of the planet - spurred on by George Bush, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzales, Nancy Pelosi, and Condoleeza Rice - shamelessly parade their cognitive, emotional, and moral deficits as they unleash their libidinal darksides on innocents at home and abroad.
      They've always been free to commit atrocities against animals - but now they have carte blanche to do so against humans, as well. Everything I have predicted has come true. This government is now a military dictatorship. The system of checks of balances has been dismantled, and our Constitution is exactly what Bush called it - a "goddamned piece of paper." Our system of jurisprudence has been jettisoned back into the medieval abyss as we encourage and support the global abrogation of human rights.
      The rest of the world is emboldened by and emulating Bush's unbridled power and blatant unaccountability. The congressional and Supreme Court eunuchs continue to allow and fund his crimes against the environment, animals, and people. The next step is for the right to torture to devolve from the military to the municipal police. All governments despise political dissidents - people who think for themselves, question the status quo, and possess that one commodity that is forever a thorn in the side of the handful of goons and thugs who somehow manage to subjugate the planet's billions - a conscience.    
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      From: FARM
      Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2008 2:26 PM
      Subject: [AR-News] URGENT: Please sign petition to free Austrian animal activists!

       Visit http://www.thepetitionsite.com/petition/460148072. The hearing is tomorrow (Monday)
      Here are the reasons I gave, but feel free to enter your own or leave the text field blank:
      The ten animal activists who are being held in your country without charges and under conditions usually reserved for hardened, violent convicts should be freed immediately for the following reasons:
      • The authorities have not produced any actionable evidence against the accused despite a year of surveillance, interception of e-mails, and phone taps.
      • The prisoners are treated like hardened, violent, convicted criminals with no reasonable access to recreation, sanitations, reading material of their choice, or visitors, although they have not been convicted, are nonviolent, and are held merely in preliminary detention.
      • The violent raids, continued detention without charges, and barbaric treatment of the prisoners violates the European Convention on Human Rights, to which Austria is a signatory, and are a major embarrassment to the Austrian system of justice.
      Alex Hershaft

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