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Novartis Global Week of Action - Day 2

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  • Ima Vegan
    ****Cross Post Freely***** Note from WAR: Let s give this week long campaign against Novartis, a good solid week of effort. Many of you have written to us
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2008
      ****Cross Post Freely*****

      Note from WAR: Let's give this week long campaign
      against Novartis, a good solid week of effort. Many of
      you have written to us asking how you can be involved
      in this campaign without an active local group in your
      eara. If you cannot travel to protests, this is how
      you can lend your support. Take a few minutes to make
      some contacts to reach Novartis. Remember that the
      activists that are hitting the streets and protesting
      at various Novartis locations around the world need
      your support. They need you to get active. As U.S.
      Memorial Day comes to a close lets remember all of the
      animals that have been killed at Huntingdon Life

      Let's also remember our friends that are in prison
      because of their advocacy and compassion for animals.
      Do it for them. I know they would appreciate it.

      Reposted from SHAC UK:

      Novartis Global Week of Action - Day 2

      Today's alert comes in two parts, firstly we need to
      contact the Swiss Society
      of Industrial Pharmacists (GSIS board) in which
      Novartis have board members.
      Also on the board are people from Actellion, another
      HLS customer, and Roche
      (ex customer).

      The GSIS board have written a code of ethics which
      states that animal
      scientists must have proper regard for the safety,
      health, environment and
      comfort of animals. Working with HLS surely goes
      completely against their code
      of ethics! HLS have been exposed punching beagle
      puppies in the face!

      For the second part of the alert we would like you to
      contact "Novartis Pets"
      On their website, http://pets.novartis.com they claim
      to be "committed to the
      wellbeing of your dog" they talk about loving
      creatures and the importance of
      keeping pets happy and healthy. What they fail to
      mention is the abhorant
      cruelty they are supporting at HLS, they don't seem to
      advertise that on their
      website... I wonder why?!

      Again, just like yesterday there are sample letters
      for any one who needs them.

      Part One, GSIS alert:



      I am writing to you because you are on the GSIS board
      and to draw to your
      attention Huntingdon Life Sciences, (HLS) who are
      Europe's largest animal
      testing laboratory. They are also the most exposed
      laboratory in the world.

      I draw this to your attention because your code of
      ethics states that
      professional animal scientists should have proper
      regard for the safety health,
      environment and comfort of animals. Your code of
      ethics is completely
      meaningless when your board members include people
      from companies who
      commission tests at Huntingdon Life Sciences, in
      particular Novartis and

      HLS were first exposed on national TV in 1997 when
      workers went undercover in
      the laboratory and filmed workers punching dogs. After
      HLS assured the world
      this was a one off, they have been exposed yet again
      for the same appalling act
      in 2005. You can read about this here:

      This year they have also faced embarrassment as an ex
      worker, a senior
      scientist, has filed a lawsuit against the lab when he
      was fired from his job
      after refusing to falsify data.

      I am urging you to take a stand against Huntingdon
      Life Science. Roche has
      already turned it's back on them, and would like to
      see Novartis and Actellion
      to follow suit. Please use your position on the GSIS
      to help this happen.

      [your name here]


      GSIS Board

      - President

      - Secretary

      - Treasurer

      - Adjunct Member

      - Adjunct Member

      - Adjunct Member

      - President of GSIA Foundation

      - SAV Delegate

      All of the emails featured in this alert:

      uwe.jocham@..., sven.inaebnit@...

      Part Two, Novartis Pets alert:



      Dear Sir/Madam

      I am writing to you about the research which Novartis
      is commissioning at Europe's largest animal research
      facility, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS)

      On your website, you attempt to give off an impression
      that you care about animal welfare. You say that
      Novartis is committed to the well-being of pet
      dogs and talk about the importance of their health.
      This is a stark contrast to the cruelty you are
      supporting at Huntingdon Life Science who have been
      caught on camera, punching beagle puppies in the face.
      You can see this for yourself,

      HLS has not only been caught doing that in 1997 but
      again in 2005. This exposure has revealed
      incompetence, negligence, vicious cruelty to animals
      a disregard for the law. Please read for yourself the
      account written by workers from HLS:


      There is a catalogue of cruelty spreading across a
      decade and it is appalling that you would condone this
      type of behaviour. You do not mention on your
      website about the cruelty you are sponsoring because
      you know that the people buying your products would
      not want them if they knew you supported such barbaric
      acts at HLS.

      I urge you to withdraw your support of HLS, and to
      turn your back on animal abuse, it is an outrage that
      you would condone such aggressive behaviour towards
      animals whilst promoting pet care.

      [your name here]

      All details in this action alert are provided for
      informational purposes only, and should not be used
      for any illegal activities as defined by the
      jurisdiction you live in. SHAC are not involved in,
      and do not encourage, any form of harassment or
      illegal action. Nothing in this action alert has the
      purpose of inciting such behaviour. Please keep all
      communications polite.

      For general information on the campaign against
      Huntingdon Life Sciences please visit the website
      www.shac.net, or alternatively call Stop Huntingdon
      Cruelty on (UK) 0845 458 0630.

      Please feel free to forward on this action alert.

      ---------------------End of SHAC UK

      Visit the WAR Calendar for future events:

      Visit the WAR MySpace page:

      Visit the WAR CrueltyFree.com page:

      For more info contact Win Animal Rights at:
      Call: 646.267.9934 or visit the WAR website at:

      W.A.R. (WIN ANIMAL RIGHTS) is an independent
      non-profit organization not affiliated or associated
      with SHAC, SHAC USA or any other group or organization
      and does not conduct or incite any illegal activity.
      The above information is not meant to incite or
      request any illegal actions or illegal activities of
      any kind. If you have any questions about the
      legality of any act, we encourage everyone receiving
      this (or the) action alert(s) to check your local laws
      and ordinances before proceeding to do anything.
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