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  • deborah barrie
    Hey Everybody, What a beautiful day and what better way to make use of it than have an effect on the world we live in. So please take a moment to check out and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2008
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      Hey Everybody,

      What a beautiful day and what better way to make use of it than have an effect on the world we live in. So please take a moment to check out and show support for Canada’s leading online newspaper  and you will find that they actually print the truth about issues. How many newspapers can you say that about? While you are there consider subscribing so we do not lose this voice of the people. Also they are very open to hearing your views and perhaps you have some truth you’d like to send them for possible publication.

      Then please read the story below and send a mitten to Stephen Harper, your Member of Parliament and the Canadian Energy Strategy at the link below.

      Mine is already on it's way.


      Take care everybody and please keep safe.


      Send a mitten to Stephen Harper

      All Canadians need to stay warm!

      Dateline: Tuesday, February 26, 2008

      from the Council of Canadians

      Canada is a cold country and we need energy to stay warm and to heat our homes.

      But Canada's lack of an energy policy is like sending someone out into the cold with only one mitten — one hand stays warm while the other freezes.

      Without west-to-east pipelines, we do not have a way to get energy to all parts of the country. All Canadians deal with the impacts of an energy market focused on sending the majority of our oil and gas south to the energy-hungry United States, no matter what the environmental or societal cost to Canadians.

      Canada's "free market" approach to energy policy and its increasing integration with the United States under the Security and Prosperity Partnership have put multi-billion-dollar oil and gas companies in control of our energy future.

      Take action! Send one mitten to Prime Minister Stephen Harper or your local Member of Parliament and tell them that you support a Canadian Energy Strategy that will give Canadians secure energy supplies, guaranteed access to energy reserves in times of need, and strong policies that protect our environment and focus on finding alternative, less harmful energy solutions.

      Thousands of mittens from Canadians across the country will send a strong message that politicians cannot let corporations and the market set the agenda, focusing on big business needs, and privatizing public services, while ignoring the energy security needs of Canadians.

      Send a mitten with your own message in support of a Canadian Energy Strategy.

      Take a picture with your mitten and e-mail it to us at mitten@... so we can show how people across the country are taking a stand and demanding government action.

      Send your mitten in support of a Canadian Energy Strategy now!

      Mail it to:

      Office of the Prime Minister

      80 Wellington Street

      Ottawa K1A 0A2

      Related addresses:

      eMail 1: mitten@...


      URL 1: canadians.org/energy/action/toolkit/mitten.html






      posted by

      Deborah Elaine Barrie
      4 Catherine Street
      Smiths Falls, On
      K7A 3Z8
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      What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.
      Albert Pine
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