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Animal Evacuations in Los Angeles County

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  • Susie V Kaufman
    RE: Animals rescued and evacuated from Gentle Barn and now at Animal Acres Please forward this to everyone, so no one wastes a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2007
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      RE:  Animals rescued and evacuated from Gentle Barn and now at Animal Acres

      Please forward this to everyone, so no one wastes a trip..............................
      I am not in all those online animal groups, so cannot POST to them, but the following is super important, please, please, please!

      A very nice person just rang me up -- she'd just arrived at Animal Acres -- and she wants me to tell everyone to tell everyone to tell everyone NOT to go up to Animal Acres.

      I had thought they'd need all-night help with the rescues, plus tomorrow, but according to whomever this really nice person spoke to, they're saying they don't need any other help.

      My suggestion, though, is to phone Animal Acres tomorrow, to see if they need people to help feed, water, care for all the animals.  The main number is:  661-269-5404.

      Would everybody PLEASE call and/or email everybody else (and every group) IMMEDIATELY to tell them of this latest development!  I don't want anyone else driving up to Animal Acres (even though it's clear sailing on the 14, now), because then they may think it's MY fault.

      I think Animal Acres will need donations of food, straw, hay, large basins for drinking water.  And I'm so sure that, at this point, surely, SURELY Lorri and Frank would appreciate folks being there to help with all the animals, beginning in the morning.

      Excuse my messiness.  I've been on both phones since about 1:00 today, and now I'm getting tons of incoming calls from all you precious and wonderfully terrific people who want to help.  So thank you, if nothing else, and stay tuned, but also do TRY to reach Animal Acres to see if you can be of help to them with the animals.

      I'm in charge of the fire evacuation for Animal Acres, but I live in Santa Clarita, and my part of town (Canyon Country) is on fire, so I've got to deal with my own rescues in my townhouse, as well as just hearing from my son that the fire is approaching their complex, and the fire department is telling them to prepare to clear out.  But if you need to talk to ME, you can at least TRY to reach me at:  661-251-6669 (my answering machine is always on, except for tonight -- because of this emergency -- so if you call me tomorrow, you'll undoubtedly think you're calling a business, but it's really just I who lives here).

      Turn on CHANNEL 9 (the other channels are worthless) for total coverage, no commercial breaks.  In fact, the fire departments are all depending on Channel 9 for the correct information, since their news helicopter can see the newest fires spread all over Canyon Country and Agua Dulce.

      I apologize to anyone who has already driven up to Animal Acres, only to be turned away.  I'm not there, so I don't know EVERYTHING that's going on. 

      Just now, I've received a call from my son saying that five horses are on their way across the street (next to Gentle Barn) to a private home.  What a wonderful thing THAT is when everyone at least TRIES to work together to help our beautiful animal friends!!!!!!!  He called me to tell me of his friend's family's house taking in animals, and then another one of you super nice people called to say her husband was next door to Gentle Barn, with four or five horses who needed a place to go, so we coordinated everything over three phones, and wowie.  
      This fire is so damn scary!

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