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      SUNDAY, MAY 13, 2007
      For more pictures from this latest demo, click
      The best way to view them is to click on the blue text that says 
      "View as Slideshow" to the right, above the thumbnail pictures. 
      LOS ANGELES - Sunday, May 13, 2007. Mother's Day. Activists attended a phenomenal speech by Jeremy Beckham on the many aspects of vivisection (animal experimentation). Vivisection is both an animal rights and a human rights issue - and must be addressed with regard to both its scientific fraudulence and immorality. Vivisection is an archaic and brutal practice whose purpose is not to prevent or find cures for disease. While people continue to suffer and die from the same acute and chronic conditions, vivisectors addict primates to drugs and use them to study perfect pitch (a human ability to name musical notes in the absence of referent frequencies). They slice open animals' skulls, bombard their retinas with light, burn them, and tube caustic chemicals down their throats.
      They know that test results on one species cannot be extrapolated to another. If aspirin had been tested in cats, we wouldn't have it - because it is lethal to felids. The same is true for penicillin and guinea pigs. Those are just two examples among many. Because of animal experimentation, many drugs that test safe in animals go on to kill humans. And many drugs that test unsafe in animals and which might cure or control human illness are discarded and never marketed.
      Either way, the vivisectors and universities benefit. They collect millions in grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to torture animals and retard true progress in human medicine. They have hoodwinked the public for years into believing that animals are good "test models" for human illness. By selecting the appropriate species, just about anything can be proved or disproved. But in reality, it is proved or disproved only for that species. When the vivisectors want grant money, they claim that the animal models in question are reliable indicators of how certain procedures or pharmacological agents will operate in humans. But when they are faced with lawsuits, they "remind" the courts that animal experimentation is accurate only 5%-25% of the time. Indeed, we would obtain better odds (50%) by flipping a coin.
      Even if vivisection did work, it is immoral. Torturing the members of other species is not the way to advance human medicine. We don't experiment on humans, even though such would obviously yield species-relevant information. We recognize that it would be immoral. The same holds true for members of other species - especially in this modern age of alternatives and clinical / demographic studies.
      After the presentation, activists marched around Westwood  - with police in tow - leafleting businesses about the issues. They focused in particular on the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), where vivisectors are currently addicting primates to crystal meth, paralyzing macaques for 120 hours in grotesque vision inquiries, studying "bank robbery" and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in vervets, depriving monkeys of food and water, and subjecting additional species to other barbaric experiments.
      Educating about vivisection was a good way to spend Mother's Day. Every animal being tortured in a laboratory is either a mother or some mother's child - as is every human who is suffering from a disease for which there is no cure because of animal experimentation.  

      See You In The Streets List Serve is not an official "organization," but rather  a posting group forwarding announcements of animal rights events, articles, news, and upcoming demonstrations and their " wrap ups" in or around Los Angeles. SYITS does not advocate or encourage illegal activity and assumes no responsibility for written content it receives and forwards or for occurrences at demonstrations it announces.

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