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RE: Greedy Biotch Lynda Resnick (POM)

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  • Lindy Greene
    Word s getting out, Lynda, about what you do to animals in order to make bogus claims about your pomegranate juice! The Resnicks have a civil suit against five
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2007
      Word's getting out, Lynda, about what you do to animals in order to make bogus claims about your pomegranate juice! The Resnicks have a civil suit against five local Los Angeles activists for $1,000 each to pay them back for the cost of the injunction they persuaded the court to enact against us! (That's OK, Lynda - I don't mind standing 100 feet away. My bullhorn reaches across that distance to get the message out about what you do to rabbits and baby mice.) And, by the way, Lynda is worth $900 million - but the greedy biotch wants to penetrate (I use the term deliberately) some new markets convincing men suffering from erectile dysfunction that drinking fruit juice is a cure. What's the matter, Lynda? $900 million isn't enough?    
      First Alternative Cooperative Takes Action After Learning From PETA
      That POM Wonderful Is ‘POM Horrible’ for Rabbits and Mice

      For Immediate Release:
      January 2, 2007

      Shalin Gala 757-622-7382

      Corvallis, Ore. — Corvallis-based First Alternative Cooperative is
      putting the squeeze on juicemaker POM Wonderful and has pulled POM
      products from its shelves. The store will not resume selling the drink
      until POM stops supporting painful and deadly tests on rabbits and
      mice. First Alternative Cooperative is joined by long-time PETA pal
      Pamela Anderson, who posted a graphic PETA video about animal
      experimentation on her hugely popular Web site PamelaAnderson.com and
      is urging her legions of fans to boycott POM. First Alternative
      Cooperative is the latest health-food store to join PETA’s national
      "POM Horrible" campaign.

      In one experiment that POM funded, mother mice were fed POM juice and
      their week-old babies were locked in a chamber with almost no oxygen
      for 45 minutes, causing severe brain damage. The babies were then
      killed so that experimenters could dissect their brains. In another
      experiment, rabbits’ arteries were severed in order to cause impotence;
      the rabbits were then fed POM juice to study erectile dysfunction.

      More than 20 of POM’s competitors—including pomegranate-juice makers
      Naked Juice, Lakewood, Old Orchard, and Frutzzo—do not and will not
      conduct or fund animal experiments. In addition, Welch’s and Ocean
      Spray recently publicly announced their decisions to stop funding all
      experiments on animals following negotiations with PETA. Juice giant
      Welch’s states on its Web site, "With the broad range of research
      alternatives available today, we at Welch’s have determined that we can
      remain committed to scientific research … without the further funding
      of animal research."

      "POM’s customers will be horrified to find out about these deadly
      experiments, and since none of POM’s pomegranate-juice competitors is
      tormenting animals in laboratories, it’s going to be easy to convince
      people to switch brands," says PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich. "We
      commend First Alternative Cooperative for dumping POM and letting the
      company know that no ‘health drink’ is worth suffering and dying for."

      For more information, please visit POMHorrible.com.

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