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Fw: [stopthekilling] MORE ON DILIBERTO, BOKS & Leslie Corea

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  • Lindy Greene
    ... From: ADLLA To: Stop The Killing Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 5:41 PM Subject: [stopthekilling] MORE ON DILIBERTO, BOKS & Leslie Corea POST AND CROSS
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      From: ADLLA
      Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 5:41 PM
      Subject: [stopthekilling] MORE ON DILIBERTO, BOKS & Leslie Corea

               Sleuthhound Sam
      ADL-LA would like to share with you a few e-mails out of the dozens we have received regarding our latest post on Tuesday of the e-mail exchanges between Los Angeles Department of Animal Services (LADAS) Commander David Diliberto and his subordinate Leslie Corea .
      Many of the e-mails to ADL-LA have been asking why LADAS General Manager Ed Boks (having known about Diliberto's escapades with subordinates as far back as December) has not done anything regarding Diliberto's history (current and past) of pursuing females while on the job.
      It appears that it may be because Ed Boks is doing the VERY SAME THING and although he is unmarried, he too has been spending work time hitting on women who are not only in the humane community but are also HIS subordinates at the city "shelters!" In fact, Leslie Corea is apparently ONE of them! Word is spreading fast throughout South Central "shelter" that Leslie Corea had a date with Boks and has been heard by other employees (some of whom are our inside sources) calling Boks "pet" names, and now Boks is doing her bidding at South Central! 
      We have to wonder if Boks' relationship with Leslie and his other women (some of these whom he has allegedly promised the AGM position to) are affecting his most intense relationship, with the woman who has been working with Boks redesigning the LADAS web site, writing Boks' blog, and cyber stalking anyone who is critical of him? 
      Will there be trouble in paradise for Diliberto and Boks?  It sure isn't "paradise" for the animals imprisoned inside LADAS under their "leaderless" leadership!
      As we have said many times in the past, ADL-LA is not a group made up of PRUDES! We are not spilling the beans on Boks and Diliberto's sexual liaisons because we believe they are inherently immoral, (although Diliberto having a stay at home wife and four children, may be considered by some to be immoral)--we are only exposing this because the ANIMALS ARE DYING BY THE THOUSANDS IN MISERY AND TERROR. These poor defenseless animals are dying in large part because of the terrible and incompetent leadership of these two individuals in particular (but there are more believe us!) Boks and Diliberto are spending way too much time at work focusing on the ladies, instead of implementing the www.NoKillSolutions.com  written programs, policies and protocols to save the lives of the animals at their mercy!
      If Boks and Diliberto want to hit on women and sleep around on their own personal time, that's fine with ADL-LA. But when they do this on city time, and when their OVERLY ACTIVE TESTOSTERONE results in innocent animals being needlessly and senselessly executed, that's when ADL-LA must expose them for who and what they are. THE ANIMALS DESERVE NO LESS FROM US. 
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      Sent: Monday, October 09, 2006 11:13 PM
      Subject: this is the last straw

      when an entire country, congress, the FBI for God's Sakes, is in a tissy because of 'suggestive' email exchanges from a 'superior' to a 'subordinate' while on the job -- ok ok, so it's not the US congress and she's not a child - but this is completely UNEXCEPTABLE on its face. Can you imagine sending XXXXOOO to your superior married male boss @ a corporation???  this horrible nasty woman has no compassion, and feeling for animals and feels compelled in an odd way to kill as many as she can.
      who truly is running the nuthouse?  these people make PENSIONS!!!  hope you sent this in redhighlight letters to Rocky and friends and Mayor AV.
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      To: <adlla@...>
      Sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2006 1:12 AM
      Subject: RE: [stopthekilling] DILIBERTO'S AT IT AGAIN! A MUST READ!

      Dear ADLLA:
      I am so very disgusted and so very tired of innocent animals being slaughtered in the masses while these whoremongers use what is suppose to be an animal SHELTER as their personal bordello. These parasites are the lowest of low. They must have pure venom flowing through their infected veins.  This insatiable lust for killing innocent animals must stop.  As for these stench-ridden losers and their diseased lust, they should be conducting "business" in the appropriate arena - the gutter.  
      I expect the city to take disciplinary action on this in the form of  terminations, starting at the helm.  Nothing less is acceptable.  Get rid of the trash and replace them with qualified, caring, professionals. Enough of this! Display some integrity! These foul low lifers are a real embarrassment to the city. How many tens of thousands of lives must be lost annually due to these sick, unprofessional leeches? Is the mission of LADAS saving animals or human prostitution? This demonstrates the latter, which seems to be routine at LADAS. I can't imagine how decent employees can function in an organization so polluted.
      Please broadcast your findings in the media and don't hesitate to let me know if you require additional funding to do so. My sincere thanks to you and to the brave individual(s) that supplied this information. Do let the entire nation be informed of what the City of L.A. is condoning at the expense of the animals. Perhaps then change will come about. Disgraceful!
      For the animals,
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      Sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2006 5:43 PM
      Subject: David Diliberto

      Dear Mr. Boks,

      Throughout all the times I have been upset with your decisions, this is the first time I have been upset enough to write to you. I received a copy the e-mail exchange between David Diliberto and Leslie Corea today and was so utterly flabbergasted. I could go on and on about how I feel and why, but the bottom line is: WHY HAVE YOU NOT FIRED DAVID DILIBERTO YET???

      All he appears to care about is developing sexual relationships outside of his marriage. Even the times I have spoken to him during commission  meetings he has hit on me. I am a member of the public, one of the people that pays his salary, and all I wanted from him is help rescuing a dog or a cat. But his ulterior motives are so obvious. He feels invincible.

      The fact that you knew about his indiscretions before you took your position with LADAS but still kept him on, and continue to keep him on, just reaffirms this fact. What exactly does he have to do that he hasn't already done for you to get rid of him?

      Those animals at South Central are dying. They are dying but the hundreds and thousands. Why are you allowing David Diliberto to continue to prey on women like Julietta Aguilar and Leslie Corea? Why are you letting him continue to distract his subordinates from their job - to save these animals?

      Thank you for your time,

      A concerned rescuer

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      Sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2006 7:00 PM
      Subject: Re: [stopthekilling] DILIBERTO'S AT IT AGAIN! A MUST READ!

      Friends - I am heartsick, as I'm sure you are, to see in print the quality individuals we have making life-or-death (usually the latter) decisions for animals. How did we end up with this troop of evil clowns? It boggles the mind! Let's oust 'em!
      Original print out's are safely held at an ADL-LA lawyer's office!


      First, some anonymous quotations confirmed by inside sources at the South LA Death Camp:
      1st Quote: "South Central has been conducting unusually egregious holocausts lately, especially since the assumption by Leslie Corea of the Kennel Supervisor position - aided and abetted by Kate Rainey, current acting (head veterinarian) aka- chief executioner - of Los Angeles Department of Animal Services, (LADAS.) Leslie ordered the execution of 72 dogs in one day.
      She is monomaniacally determined to kill animals - and can't stand anything that serves to derail her from this grisly quest. She was promoted to Kennel Supervisor by "doing" Dildo-Berto. And, of course, she's now also scoring with Hoax. Apparently she stayed late one evening because she had a date with Ed Boks the "Hoax" - whose own motive for being there was to impress and swagger before his paramour. So, who knows to what powerful post she will ultimately be promoted? One thing we know for sure: the animals in the South LA Death Camp will always be the ones to pay the price for Ed Boks and David Diliberto's toxic psychoses and sexual promiscuity."
      2nd Quote: "When I was there volunteering, a rescuer called and tried to ASK about a couple of dogs she wanted to put out to her rescue list, which precipitated a rant by Leslie claiming that rescuers interfere with the employees' jobs. The rescuer succeeded in requesting that Leslie check on one more dog, whereupon she put the rescuer on "hold" and never came back. The next day, she refused to take the rescuer's calls. I found out that the dogs - some of them puppies - in which the rescuer was interested were killed."
      3rd Quote: "Word has spread all over the six city Death Camps that Leslie Corea accused a rescuer of slandering her on the Internet - we never heard any slander from this rescuer;  just pleas to save the lives of animals. When Ed Boks was told this by Leslie Corea, he actually tried to have this long time rescuer arrested, claiming that she was creating a scene and mistreating staff! Later, Leslie Corea stated that all the dogs killed were "vicious biters" - a bald-faced lie. Some were, in reality, just babies - and all were friendly and "kissy." The dogs are never properly evaluated at LADAS Death Camps." 
      The lies and the killing continue unchecked and unabated...
      4th Quote: "Leslie Corea was promoted by Philandering Commander David Diliberto to Animal Control Technician Shelter Supervisor. This promotion, just like ACT Julietta Aguilar's, came after Leslie Corea and David Diliberto were seen hobnobbing together - going out to lunch, dinner, and even to concerts! When Corea first went to the South Central shelter, Diliberto would leave his office in downtown LA or leave work at other shelters and pay Leslie a visit - even though he had other work to do. "
      Apparently, Leslie Corea has become Diliberto's new Julietta Aguilar. (See www.StopTheKilling.net and then click on Players/Targets page. Open up Diliberto's envelope for more info on him and his relationship with Julietta Aguilar, as well as a recent law suit which the tax payers of Los Angeles paid out over one hundred thousand dollars to a third female animal control officer, Sara Nelson, whom Diliberto was sued in part for sexually harassing her.) 
      Also on the Diliberto page - in the picture of him drinking next to two female subordinates at a bar - the one to the left of Diliberto is Leslie Corea, Diliberto's "carnal candy" the past two years. It's interesting to note that Diliberto's wife, Karen, lied under sworn testimony at the trial regarding two ADL-LA members charged with "focused picketing" in Diliberto's neighborhood. Karen must be very upset because of what her husband does behind her and their children's back - so, she has to lie about the activists who try to expose her husband's killing of innocent animals. Maybe she's afraid to confront him on these issues, which is the stereotypical behavior of an abused wife who is so completely co-dependant and in denial, that she actually sticks up for and lies on behalf of her despicable wayward spouse.
      The e-mail messages below were taken DIRECTLY from computer exchanges between Diliberto and Corea when they were first "getting to know each other" - i.e., before they hopped in the sack and he promoted her to a supervisory position in which she could kill puppies in order to take revenge on rescuers she doesn't like.
      Note that other LADAS employees have been reprimanded by Diliberto, placed on suspension and threatened with being fired, because THEY have used LADAS computers in sending personal e-mails. Yet Ed Boks, David Diliberto and other administrators can exchange all kinds of "personal"
      e-mails on city computers during work time without anyone holding THEM accountable. 
      So, Boks and Diliberto can make "pillow talk" all day long, and their jobs are secure. . . . or ARE they???
      The e-mails below are unedited (incorrect spelling and all) and scanned directly from print outs of e-mail exchanges on city computers during work hours between Commander David Diliberto and current ACT Supervisor of South Central shelter, Leslie Corea. This is not only against the city policy's code of conduct, but is prohibited by the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services (LADAS) department manual. 


      From:          Leslie Corea

      To:               David Diliberto

      Date:          1/22/2004 9:18:38 AM

      Subject:      Re: Fwd: Daily Breeze Article


      Hey Commander, I'm glad you liked it I hope I didn't cause any problems, Hope to see you soon leslie


      >> David Dillberto 1/20/2004 9:34:33 AM >>>



      This is wonderful!  It made me smile today. Keep up the good work you are the best. Please make me a copy of the article and send it to me in Citymail.  You can autograph the picture for me : )  Thanks again, its stuff like this that gets me through the day.





      From:          Leslie Corea

      To:               David Diliberto

      Date;           3/12/2004 1:45:58 PM

      Subject:                      Re: Hi Leslie


      Hey you thank you so much,  yur da best. I really enjoyed seeing you the other day next time we'll have to hang and go to dinner or something!! see you soon  leslie


      >>> David Diliberto 3/10/2004 4:26:10 PM >>>


      I sent an all inclusive commendation for the staff at Harbor regarding my positive experience with my adoption. George should be posting it up.  I am also giving you an individual one.  A copy will be placed in your personnel folder. I will bring a signed copy down for you next week (my excuse to come and visit).  I would not necessarily share this one with your coworkers because they might get jealous and spread more rumors. Dont let it get to your head : )





      From:          Leslie Corea

      To:               David Diliberto

      Date:           3/18/2004 4:17:00 PM

      Subject:                      Re: :)



      3-29 is good  like dave mathews band, sade,all the old school rock and role and soft Jazz what about you



      >>> David Diliberto 3/18/2004 3:49:12 PM >>>






      So what music/bands do you like?




      From:          Leslie Corea

      To:               David Diliberto

      Date:           3/19/2004 10:22:00 AM

      Subject:                      Re: :)


      Old school to me is rolling stones,Jimmy hendrix, 93.1 radio station or 106.7 and actually I really like the oldies too like k-earth 101.1.

      I guess it reminds me of when I was a little girl my mom always listened to that


      >>> David Diliberto 3/18/2004 4:35:58 PM >>~


      Set the date. Like dave matthews band, love sade, what is old school rock and roll to you?



      From:        David Diliberto

      To:            Leslie Corea

      Date:        5/17/2004 2:37:18 PM

      Subject:    Hi


      Hope your weekend went well. I know your stress level will go down very, very soon! Take care of youself and I will talk to you soon.





      From:        Leslie Corea

      To:            David Diliberto

      Date:        5/18/2004 10:57:56 AM

      Subject:    hi


      Hey How are you I have been buzy all weekend, catalina was ok It wasn't even sunny until 4pm so no tan for me. I hope you had a nice weekend talk to you soon



      From:            David Diliberto

      TO:               Leslie Corea

      Date:            5/18/2004 11:45:05 AM

      Subject:        Re: hi


      Sony to hear about your tan : (   I hope the bridal shower went well  : )     Thinking positive thoughts for you





      >>> Leslie Corea 5/18/2004 10:57:56 AM >>>


      Hey How are you I have been buzy all weekend, catalina was ok It wasn't even sunny until 4pm so no tan

      for me. I hope you had a nice weekend talk to you soon





      From:          David Diliberto

      To:              Leslie Corea

      Date:          5/24/2004 2:58:07 PM

      Subject:      Hi



      do me a favor and give me a little list of everything you have done in getting the blankets donated. How many you collected who donated them etc. let me work on the rest.  Thanks yer da best!



      From:          Leslie Corea

      To:               David Diliberto

      Date:           5/26/2004 7:48:46 AM

      Subject:      Re: Hi


      You know I LOVE LUCY! !!!!



      ~>> David Diliberto 5/25/2004 8:26:45 AM >>>


      Also I made the mistake of walking into this gift shop near where the kids have karate and they have a big I Love Lucy” section,  so you know what that means : )






      From:             David Diliberto

      To:                  Leslie Corea

      Date:              8/2/2004 10:57:15 AM

      Subject:         Birthday celebration


      Let me know if you are available on Monday August 16, 2004, to help me celebrate my birthday. Call me for details : )


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