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Re: [CorrectTreatment 2003] ALF action in England

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    You know it. In a message dated 7/31/2006 8:51:12 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, lindygreene@adelphia.net writes: YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAYYYYYYYYAYYYYYYYYAYYY ROCK
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      You know it.
      In a message dated 7/31/2006 8:51:12 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, lindygreene@... writes:
      ROCK IT, ALF-UK!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
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      Subject: [CorrectTreatment 2003] ALF action in England

      Gosport, England - Animal Liberation Front activists rescued nine goats from the Centre for Human Sciences. The center which is operated by QinetiQ, a contractor with the Ministry of Defense, crushes the animals to death in a hyperbaric chamber to simulate the effects of deep ocean depths. The company claims that the tests are necessary for building military submarines. The animal liberationists snipped through fencing and plucked the goats from an outdoor enclosure and into a waiting van.
      “Today’s terrorist is tomorrow’s freedom fighter.”
      — SHAC leader Kevin Kjonaas, at the Animal Rights 2002 convention




      "If you have come here to help me, then you are wasting your time…But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together."
      --Lila Watson

      "Live in peace with the animals. Animals bring love
      to our hearts, and warmth to our souls" -Colleen Klaum

      "Secret prisons, secret flights, the CIA tramples human rights; reverse hanging, what gives? If that's not torture, what the fuck is?"

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