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Fw: [voicesforRahkim] NY. - LAST DITCH PLEA! - PLEASE GET THIS OUT! *ACT TODAY (Thurs.) to help DUKE, and update on the protest against Town of Hempstead last night 5/31**

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  • Lindy Greene
    ... From: Katie Walter To: Undisclosed-Recipient:; Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2006 9:45 AM Subject: [voicesforRahkim] NY. - LAST DITCH PLEA! - PLEASE GET THIS
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      Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2006 9:45 AM
      Subject: [voicesforRahkim] NY. - LAST DITCH PLEA! - PLEASE GET THIS OUT! *ACT TODAY (Thurs.) to help DUKE, and update on the protest against Town of Hempstead last night 5/31**

      Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2006 11:05 AM
      to help DUKE, and update on the protest against Town of Hempstead last night 5/31**

      Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2006 10:56 AM
      **ACT TODAY (Thurs.) to help DUKE & update on the protest against Town of Hempstead last night 5/31**

      ~Please Cross-Post Widely and Please Act TODAY~
      Dear Friends,
      Thank you to those who attended the protest last night to give DUKE the bulldog puppy and all our animals a voice, and for those of you who were there in spirit.  While it was very short notice, it was decided after the hearing at State Supreme Court yesterday afternoon that it could be both helpful to the case and important to show public support.  Sometimes advocacy has inconvenient timing and we do the best we can.  To follow is an update on the situation and attached are some photos from last night.
      Duke represents all our pets and all animals.  There is still time to help and he needs it today. 
      While the State Supreme Court judge is rendering his decision today on whether to grant "standing" to Long Island Bulldog Rescue (LIBR) or Bob Sowers from the NCSPCA, any and all polite public pressure on the Hempstead Town Board and supervisor to stop from needlessly killing Duke will be helpful.  (If you don't see this until Friday, then please act Friday.)
      It will only take 5 minutes.
      CALL and E-MAIL to politely and professionally say that:
      1.  They should not kill Duke just because his owner was advised to give up on his dogs to help his own legal case.   
      2.  They DO have the discretion to allow LI Bulldog Rescue or Bob Sowers from the NCSPCA to advocate (have "standing") for Duke.  Animal-friendly shelters do it every day, even for dogs known to have bitten.
      3.  If they are sure Duke is vicious, then allow LIBR and the NCSPCA to have an objective expert temperament test him.  (No eye witness saw or legally attests to Duke harming the boy in any way, not even the boy's mom.  Period.)
      4.  Stop using taxpayers money to fight to kill this puppy.  It is unacceptable. 

      Supervisor Kate Murray
      516-812-3255 direct line to "Confidential Assistant", Kim Whipperman (sp.)
      Town Board:
      Dorothy L. Goosby (D)
      1st District
      Hempstead, Lakeview, Roosevelt, Uniondale, and portions of Baldwin, Freeport, West Hempstead and Lynbrook.
      516-489-5000, x4304  
      516-465-6514 fax
      Ed Ambrosino (R)
      2nd District
      Bellerose Terrace, Elmont, Floral Park, Garden City, Garden City South, the incorporated area of New Hyde Park, South Floral Park, Stewart Manor, and portions of Bellerose, Franklin Square, North Valley Stream and West Hempstead. 
      663-6675 work #
      663-6875 work fax
      516-812-3179, town #
      James Darcy (R)
      3rd District
      Part of Franklin Square, part of North Valley Stream, Valley Stream, Malverne, most of Lynbrook, Mill Brook, North Woodmere, Woodmere, Lawrence, Cedarhurst, Inwood, Atlantic Beach and Meadowmere Park.
      516-489-5000, x3523
      516-538-2036 fax
      Secretary:  Liz
      elizmul@... (secretary's e-mail)
      Anthony J. Santino (R)
      Senior Town Councilperson
      4th District
      Baldwin, East Rockaway, Hewlett, Island Park, Oceanside, Rockville Centre, South Hempstead, and a portion of Lynbrook.
      516-489-5000, x3200
      516-393-0110 fax
      Angie M. Cullen (R)
      5th District
      Barnum Island, Bellmore, Lido Beach, Merrick and Point Lookout; and parts of Freeport, North Bellmore, North Merrick, Seaford and Wantagh.
      516-538-2036 fax
      Gary Hudes (R)
      6th District
      East Meadow, Levittown, Plainedge, Salisbury and portions of Bethpage, North Bellmore, North Merrick, Seaford and Wantagh.
      516-538-2036 fax
      Please e-mail if you have any questions.  THANK YOU.

      Long Islanders Protest Against Town of Hempstead
      to Give DUKE the Bulldog Puppy a Voice and His Due Process
      Hempstead, NY -  June 1, 2006
      Over 30 citizens gathered at  Hempstead Town Hall  last night to demonstrate against the town for it's insistence on killing Duke the bulldog puppy without a legal advocate or his due process.  
      Earlier in the day, attorney for Long Island Bulldog Rescue (LIBR), Len Egert, argued a motion to renew before State Supreme Court Judge Kenneth Davis to grant either LIBR or volunteer Investigator for the Nassau County SPCA , Bob Sowers “standing” to legally advocate for Duke.  Duke’s owner, Lawrence Kelly of East Meadow, relinquished Duke and his two other dogs after one or both of them attacked 4 year old East Meadow boy, Matthew Henriques on April 28.  The other dogs were killed on May 9.
      “Mr. Kelly gave Duke and the others up on the advice of his lawyers to try to make things look better for him.  He’s facing criminal charges.  The moment Duke was turned over to the Town, he became unwanted and neglected, and it’s our mission … our purpose … to advocate for these English bulldogs,” said Laurette Richin, Executive Director of LIBR.  “The Town is hanging its hat that it must kill Duke solely on Kelly relinquishing the dogs,” said Sowers, who is also trying to gain custody of the puppy so he can prove his innocence and adopt him out of state.  There are scores of people lined up to do so.  “However, that’s doesn’t mandate the Town to kill the dog … they have the discretion if they are interested in finding the facts and wanting to be fair.” he added.  Besides that, attorney Egert argued that it’s a conflict of interest anyway for Kelly under his precarious circumstances to help determine Duke’s fate.  He cited a lengthy list of cases in which ordinary citizens were ruled legal representatives of animals.  They weren't even a non-profit 501(c)(3) animal rescue group like LIBR, or a local SPCA leader.  Protestors at last night’s demonstration on the Hempstead Town Hall steps held signs that said, “DUKE DESERVES A VOICE!”
      The Town of Hempstead purports that Duke participated in the attack based on the account of the incident by the boy’s mother.  However, it came out in court yesterday that there was no mention in her official affidavit of Duke actually harming her son at all.  Here in lies the catch-22.  LIBR or the Nassau SPCA volunteer can try to prove Duke’s innocence through an investigation, forensics, or a temperament test, only if they are granted legal standing to speak for the dog who can’t speak for himself.  “If the dog is vicious, he’ll fail the test.  If the Town is so sure of it, why don’t they let the independent expert give him the test?” asked Sowers.  Jeff Kolbjornsen, President, Behaviorist and Master Trainer for Elite Animal Trainers of America in Islip Terrace jumped at the chance to volunteer his services and has been on stand-by.  LIBR Director Richin added that she has compassion for the little boy, yet no witnesses at the scene saw Duke do any harm.   She contends anyway that he’s not a menace.  “The dogs are known couch potatoes, and are calm, gentle and loving with children.”  Children at the protest rally against the Town of Hempstead last night had signs that read, “INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY,” and 77% of the respondents to the recent poll in Newsday also believe that Duke does not deserve to die.
      People at last night’s rally for Duke were wondering why is the Town of Hempstead 
      fighting such a legal battle to kill this bulldog puppy that LIBR has struggled to get multiple stays of execution for so far.  How much taxpayer money is the Town spending?  How can the Town want people to believe they have concern and care for animals when their stance and argument in this case is that animals are strictly property to be owned and destroyed? 
      “DUKE – NOT JUST PROPERTY” signs at the protest last night read.  LIBR attorney Amy Trakinski notes that the trend in the law is changing.  It’s beginning to catch up with the knowledge that animals are sentient beings and are considered by millions not as inanimate property, but as valued and intrinsic members of the American family.  This effort will be furthered along in Nassau and Suffolk counties by the newly forming Long Island Animal Alliance.
      Judge Davis’ ruling on the issue of standing will be handed down today.  As well, LI Bulldog Rescue is awaiting a ruling from the Appellate Division (on a previous Supreme Court ruling) which could either extend or end Duke’s stay of execution.  Meanwhile, Duke has been sitting for over a month in the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in a small cage on a concrete floor scared and confused no doubt, without being walked or allowed any comfort.  Bystanders for Duke both in court and at the protest against the Town of Hempstead yesterday are wondering where his due process is.  That is more than an issue in the Town of Hempstead or for anyone who has a pet on Long Island.  It’s an issue for society.
      For additional information, contact
      Laurette Richin
      Long Island Bulldog Rescue ~ (631) 689-6245 or bulldogrescue1@...  (@...)
      Bob Sowers
      Volunteer Nassau County SPCA Investigator ~ (516) 781-2052
      or gator2189@...   (@...)
      Amy Trakinski, Esq. or Len Egert, Esq.
      Egert and Trankinski Attorneys at Law ~ (212) 334-6858 or atrak@..., lenegert@...

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