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RE: ACTION ALERT - UCLA Vivisector Job

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  • Lindy Greene
    Contact: Edythe D. London Ph.D. Neuropsychiatric Institute UCLA UCLA-NPI Box 60 C8-532 760 Westwood Plaza Los Angeles, CA 90024 Mail code: 176919 Tel: 310 825
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2006
      Edythe D. London Ph.D.
      Neuropsychiatric Institute UCLA
      UCLA-NPI Box 60 C8-532
      760 Westwood Plaza
      Los Angeles, CA 90024
      Mail code: 176919
      Tel: 310 825 0606 (voice)
      310 825 0812 (fax)
      e-mail: elondon@...
      Here is the letter I sent to the noble Edythe:
      Dear Ms. London,
      I notice that UCLA is soliciting another animal experimenter to study the effects of drug abuse. Isn't pusher-to-the-primates extraordinaire, William Melega ("Wasted Willie"), already dosing vervets with methamphetamine? Has he considered contacting a drug rehab center? I'm sure they would be able to verify - and assist with - the symptoms of meth addiction, as I'm guessing Will does a little closet crystal, himself.
      In fact, I would like to suggest that studying him might be a worthwhile pursuit, since it would at least produce species-relevant data. Where does he obtain his animals? It is a supremely noteworthy and serendipitous coincidence that Lynn Fairbanks keeps a colony of the little primates at the Sepulveda Veterans Hospital. Logic dictates that she is the breeder/supplier.
      Speaking of Lynn, how are the impulse-control studies progressing? I'm curious as to what percentage of the vervet population naturally suffers from ADHD - and how such a diagnosis is determined. Has she made any headway with the bank robbery inquiry? I'm a little confused as to how a vervet monkey can serve as a reliable model, since I have never heard of one who has held up a bank. It is my opinion that Lynn - being unable to resist the temptation to rob the taxpayers to conduct frivolous research - has definite impulse-control issues. 
      And how is Dario coming along with his eminent work? Does he understand yet how monkeys see? I'll bet he has 20/20 with regard to the ciphers on those government grant checks! And I can clearly see that UCLA is involved in some real life-saving work that will greatly advance human medicine! Speaking of funding, just how much of our taxpayer dollars are your NIH confederates awarding you to finance all these laudable experiments?
      Now that I'm thinking about it, doesn't Lynn also purport to be studying substance abuse? Are you vivisectors losing your creativity? No new ideas on how to torture animals? Perhaps you could consult the writings of the Marquis de Sade or Dr. Mengele for some fresh ideas. Lynn is a psychologist, I believe. Perhaps her selective memory has led her to conveniently forget that the gratuitous abuse of animals is a hallmark sign of psychopathology. And since you are interested in the brain, I submit that Lynn would be an excellent candidate for an investigation into the etiology of the concurrent appearance of microcephaly and sociopathy.          

      With any luck, you and your fulsome fellows will someday suffer from a disease that might have been alleviated or cured had you engaged in truly legitimate, non-animal research. And that will constitute some well-deserved poetic justice!  
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