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Fwd: Jerry Vlasak - anti-seal hunt activist needs our help!

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  • SinDee
    Please see below... Our friend, devoted friend to all of animal kind, Jerry Vlasak, needs our help today! Please call the court and respectfully DEMAND that
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2006
      Please see below... Our friend, devoted friend to all of animal kind, Jerry Vlasak, needs our help today!  Please call the court and respectfully DEMAND that this beautiful man be released from jail!  Yes, he IS guilty... Guilty of the same unrelenting desires that we all have to expose the Canadian Seal Hunt for what it truly is... needless barbarism perpetrated upon defenseless beings who are unable to escape from, or defend themselves against, the merciless cruelties perpetuated against them by greedy humans unfit to walk this gorgeous planet.
      Jerry Vlasak is our brother and fellow soldier in the fight to free our non-human friends!  May he rise above this injustice with our help...for the sake of all animals everywhere!  Please call and speak up for him today!

      From: New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance
      To: NJARA Action Alerts
      Sent: Friday, March 31, 2006 10:05 AM
      Subject: Jerry Vlasak - anti-seal hunt activist needs our help!

      He is on his 5th day of a hunger strike.

      CALL THE JUDGE. The  (Provincial Court) Judge Nancy Orr is at 902.368.6741.

      1. Please call and voice your outrage at the jailing of someone who is simply trying to expose what really happens to those young seals on the
      Canadian ice floes.
      2. Demand the court release him with time served and the REAL CRIMINALS be jailed instead!


           Anti-Sealing Activist in Jail on Hunger Strike

      Charlottetown, PEI, Canada - Dr. Jerry Vlasak, one of three press officers with the North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO) remains in
      jail on a hunger strike in Charlottetown, PEI. He was jailed Monday in protest of the unjust conviction stemming from last year's seal slaughter
      in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the egregious massacre of the seals that are right now being mercilessly killed for greed and profit. Arrested in March of last year, Dr. Jerry Vlasak and ten other anti-sealing activists were charged with and convicted of violating the blatantly inappropriately named "Canadian Seal Protection Act" after approaching within a half a
      nautical mile in an attempt to film a seal killer. They refused to pay the fine and were sentenced.

      March 31st, 2005, eleven activists went out onto the ice floes in the Gulf of St. Lawrence to attempt to film the futility and cruelty of killing baby seals killed, ostensibly for their negative impact on the codfish population- but in reality to pander to the European fur trade and the
      Asian market for aphrodisiacs; Dr. Vlasak was punched in the nose and 10 others were violently assaulted by the captain and crew of the Brady
      Mariner from Newfoundland. Despite extensive video documentation of the assault, none of the seal killers were ever arrested or charged.

      A worldwide boycott of Atlantic Canadian seafood products supported by a number of conservationist groups has cost the Canadian economy tens of
      millions of dollars - far in excess of the value of the skins and penises sold to drape narcissistic Russian princesses or to facilitate the
      erections of impotent men in Asia. But the Canadian government continues to subsidize the slaughter by providing spotter planes and icebreakers, which
      cut the deadly swath through the floes directly to the baby seal nursery. This support continues despite the fact that the majority of Canadian
      citizens oppose the hunt and are embarrassed by the worldwide publicity engendered by the likes of Sir Paul and Lady Heather McCartney.

      Dr. Vlasak said from Charlottetown before his incarceration on Monday: "Three-fourths of all newborn seals may have already perished in the Gulf
      of St. Lawrence due to record warm weather's melting the ice from beneath them. Meanwhile, the violent barbarians are bludgeoning the survivors to
      death at this very moment. The pathetic murderers of Newfoundland must be stopped.

      For more information- to be added to the NAALPO list serve- or to obtain footage and photographs of the seal kill - please call or e-mail the North
      American Animal Liberation Press Office.
      21044 Sherman Way #211  Canoga Park    CA  91302
      phone: 818.932-9997 fax: 818.932-9998
      press@... (animalliberationpressoffice.org)

      National Press Officers:

      Lindy Greene-Southwest

      Camille Hankins-New York

      Jerry Vlasak MD-Los Angeles


      Click and read above!
      Jerry is in custody on a hunger strike.

      On Sunday, a Zodiac carrying  HSUS members was rammed by a fishing boat and pushed up on the ice, where it's propeller was damaged. All HSUS members
      were detained and can no longer go back out to film. They have all been released with no charges pending, but their film and photographs were
      confiscated and are not being returned to them. The ramming is being investigated by the Royal Mounted Police!

         Zodiak and Dead Seal3.jpg


      Bridget Bardot and Richard Dean Anderson are among those on the ice, in this video, trying to save the seals.

      A must-see video by Nadine Saunders:

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