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Fw: [stopthekilling] More feedback on Dr. Cochrane's firing!

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  • Lindy Greene
    POST AND CROSS POST! Visit www.StopTheKilling.net ... From: To: adlla@animaldefense.com Sent: Monday, October 31, 2005 7:15 AM Subject: RE: [stopthekilling]
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      Sent: Monday, October 31, 2005 7:15 AM
      Subject: RE: [stopthekilling] Dr. Cochrane Fired by Smith--Dr. Shargani Left to KILL

      When certain rescue groups took in all those mother cats and nursing kittens throughout the summer, it was at the request of Dr. Laura Cochrane. She was hired and told she was going to be the "catalyst for change."  Instead, they fired her--because it's easier to kill, even when there's plenty of space, than to treat them. 

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      To: ADLLA
      Sent: Monday, October 31, 2005 9:13 AM
      Subject: RE: [stopthekilling] Dr. Cochrane Fired by Smith--Dr. Shargani Left to KILL

      OMG! I know Laura Cochrane!  She’s the best! That’s disgusting that they fired her! Now I am really angry! I wasn’t able to attend the last demonstration, because my elderly parents were ill. I will make sure to be at the next one! I’m in shock! What idiots!!

      Sent: Monday, October 31, 2005 10:44 AM
      Subject: RE: [stopthekilling] Dr. Cochrane Fired by Smith--Dr. Shargani Left to KILL
      It doesn't surprise me that Dr. Smith would have fired Dr. Laura.  Dr. Smith has always been a lazy, nasty, and uncooperative veterinarian. Her policy was that all puppies and kittens 8 weeks of age or younger should be killed. She refused to implement a policy that shelter workers would bottle-feed the babies, or have fosters come in and take the families home to care for them. She also refused to transfer animals from high-kill shelters to shelters like West L.A. She did this for years.
      I will always remember her refusal to call the Frontline and Advantage companies in order to see if they would be interested in donating to the shelters. Her famous quote that day was, "It's not my job." She didn't even know the answer to a Commissioner's question regarding whether the shelters vaccinated dogs against rabies for one or for three years!
      She is also the biggest obstacle to changing the archaic policy regarding the horrible "iso" areas. It's amazing that she has been allowed to supervise all the veterinarians and veterinary technicians. No wonder the shelters are filled with Dr. Sharganis and his ilk. Dr. Smith needed to be fired a long time ago, but instead she fired Dr. Laura. It's a mystery why the city and Stuckey are so resistant to positive change!
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