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FW: Update on PAWS email sent earlier

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  • Karen Loveless
    I sent out an email earlier for everyone to send a letter in support of PAWS. I am sending an update with changes and more info. I changed the list and took
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2005

       I sent out an email earlier for everyone to send a letter in support of PAWS. I am sending an update with changes and more info. I changed the list and took out some names that don’t need to receive the email in support of PAWS. I also included information about how/if it affects rescue groups.


      Don’t forget to put SUPPORT S. 1139 and H.R. 2669 in your subject line before sending the email! 


      Karen Loveless 

      North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare Secretary/Treasurer  www.NCVAW.org

      Pom Rescue Board member www.PomRescue.com

      Don't buy from mass breeders! http://www.prisonersofgreed.org/





      Support PAWS: Pet Animal Welfare Statute

      Puppy mills are breeding operations that mass produce puppies for sale with little regard for the humane treatment of the dogs. Because many of these facilities sell directly to the public -- through newspaper ads or over the Internet -- they are exempt from the minimum standards of care required by the Animal Welfare Act because of a loophole that classifies them as "pet stores."

      The Pet Animal Welfare Statute, PAWS, addresses this growing problem. PAWS requires breeders who sell directly to the public and who raise seven or more litters of dogs or cats each year to be licensed by the USDA. This is a crucial step toward providing basic protections for thousands of dogs and cats bred each year for the pet trade. Please ask your U.S. Senators and Representative to co-sponsor the Pet Animal Welfare Statute. https://community.hsus.org/campaign/2005_PAWS

      Statement From The Humane Society of the United States


      Will the PAWS act have a detrimental effect on rescue organizations or animal shelters?


      Recently, some commercial breeders and organizations who profit from the high volume sale of dogs and cats have used scare tactics to confuse and scare caring people involved in the rescue community into taking a position against the Pet Animal Welfare Statue (PAWS), claiming that now anyone who rescues more than 25 dogs a year will need a federal license. This is not true.


      We hope those who work to rescue animals in need and find them new, lifelong homes will not be fooled by these tactics.  To oppose the PAWS act is to oppose improvements in the treatment of animals at large scale commercial breeding operations, commonly known as “puppy mills” and “kitten mills.”


      PAWS deals strictly with businesses who sell dogs and cats.  Non-profit rescue groups who charge an adoption donation fee are not selling animals.


      PAWS addresses commercial businesses who are breeding large volumes of animals (7 or more litters per year) and selling them directly to the public.  These businesses have grown and thrived over the years due in part to the exponential growth in the use of the Internet for commerce and because in most states there is no oversight of large-scale, breeding operations that sell puppies directly to the public.  These dogs are sold in a variety of unregulated formats, including via the Internet and newspaper ads, and the first hint of a problem comes when local law enforcement discovers that there are a large number of animals on site that are in extremely poor condition. Cases of unregulated breeders have become the norm – and often require local shelters and rescue organizations to step in and take in ill and unsocialized animals at their own expense. This problem has repeatedly threatened to bankrupt local organizations.


      The broad support that the PAWS bill enjoys, from organizations that often have differing views on animal related legislation, is a testament to the fact that it is not overly restrictive and has been carefully crafted to bring under regulation only those businesses that have exploited the loophole in federal law that allowed large commercial breeders selling directly to the public to escape any oversight.


      Animal welfare organizations like The Humane Society of the United States, Doris Day Animal League, and Society for Animal Protective Legislation – all of whom are strongly supporting the PAWS bill – would never want to hamper the absolutely critical efforts and generosity of those who perform animal rescue and sheltering work. People who give of themselves to place dogs and cats in new homes and give those animals a second (or third or fourth) lease on life are unsung heroes. This scare tactic has been employed to divert attention away from the bad actors so sorely in need of oversight. The PAWS bill would close the loophole that has allowed large scale commercial breeding operations to prosper without any agency ensuring that their animals are provided with basic humane care.


      The complete language of the PAWS act can be found here:



      The PAWS bill needs your strong support and action.  Let your federal legislators know how important this bill is to you, as an organization or individual engaged in rescue work.  Hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats housed in commercial breeding operations, and their puppies and kittens, have had no protection at the federal level for decades. They languish in terrible conditions, waiting for someone to take action. The PAWS bill would rectify this injustice and close the loophole that has cheated these animals out of the most basic standards of care. Your voice is powerful -- please use it on their behalf.


      Sample Letter from HSUS:


      Please co-sponsor and do all that you can to pass S. 1139 & H.R. 2669, the Pet Animal Welfare Statute of 2005 (PAWS) this year. Animals in large scale breeding operations often suffer from lack of proper veterinary care and socialization. Because of a loophole in current law, large commercial breeders who sell puppies and kittens directly to the public are exempt from the Animal Welfare Act. PAWS will close this loophole and provide a safety net for these animals and important protection for consumers who purchase a pet through and ad or over the Internet. Both the animal and the consumer suffer when a puppy or kitten is bred in horrible conditions and has resulting health and behavior problems. It's time to close the loophole and require all big commercial breeding operations to comply with basic animal welfare rules. Thank you!

      [Your name]
      [Your address]


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