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Fw: Mountain Justice Summer mass arrest! we need your help!

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  • Cynthia Hendrick
    ... From: Lindy Greene Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 19:14:01 -0700 ... From: mountain justice Sent:
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      From: Lindy Greene <lindygreene@...>

      Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 19:14:01 -0700

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      From: "mountain justice" <mountainjusticesummer@...>
      Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2005 12:19 PM

      > FOR THOSE IN
      > JAIL
      > RIGHT NOW!***
      > We Need YOUR HELP!!
      > 16 People were arrested and are In Custody Right Now
      > for their participation in a peaceful protest in
      > Sundial, West Virginia today. Residents of the Coal
      > River Valley are fighting for the very lives of
      > their children, whose Elementary School is under
      > attack from the callous Mountaintop Removal mining
      > operations of Massey Energy.  Coal dust from a coal
      > prep plant only 150 feet from the school enters
      > through air intake vents,  causing asthma and other
      > respiratory problems, and coating everything with a
      > toxic black powder.
      > A leaking coal sludge dam containing  2.9
      > Billion Gallons of toxic waste-- laden with
      > mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and other toxins and heavy
      > metals-- is only  400 feet from the elementary school
      > and could burst at any minute killing everyone in its
      > path, and wreaking havoc for hundreds of miles
      > downstream.
      > 5 local residents, including parents and grandparents
      > of children attending the Elementary School solemnly
      > crossed a bridge onto Massey property, attempting to
      > deliver a list of demands to officials, and were
      > arreseted. Then, waves of supporters, in a beautiful
      > act of solidarity, followed across the bridge with the
      > same list of demands.
      > Coal River Valley residents and their many supporters
      > INSIST:
      > -That Massey shut down the prep plant and cease its
      > Mountaintop Removal mining above the school
      > Immediately;
      > -That Marsh Fork Elementary School be cleaned up or
      > that a safe, new school be built in their community;
      > -That Massey withdraw its application for the second
      > coal loading silo behind the school;
      > -That Massey stop blasting their homes because
      > residents have a right to be safe and secure;
      > -And that Massey shut down its surface mine sites and
      > invest in true sustainable energy.
      > Your generous contribution is Urgently Needeed and
      > Greatly Appreciated
      > Checks, made out to 'Mountain Justice Summer' can be
      > mailed to:
      > P.O. Box # 86, Naoma, WV  25140.
      > Please email, MountainJusticeSummer@... (hushmail.com) , or
      > call,
      > 1-800-My-Yahoo, for mailbox "Mnt. Justice"
      > (1-800-699-2466,
      > #668-5878-423)
      > and Pledge your donation-- this way your funds can be
      > counted towards bond, and our courageous companions
      > can get out of jail quickly!
      > Donations can also be made securely through Paypal,
      > accessible on the
      > Mountain Justice Summer website,
      > www.mountainjusticesummer.org
      > We Need your help, your donations, and all the support
      > we can get! This  is an urgent issue, because,  as Ed
      > Wiley, grandfather of a Marsh Fork Elementary student
      > explained, "What Massey Energy is doing to these
      > children and this community is nothing short of
      > terrorism. The kids live in fear, but we shouldn't let
      > Massey drive us out of our homeland. We should have
      > the same rights as any other American citizen."
      > Background:
      >   Massey Energy owns Goals Coal Company, which
      > operates a coal preparation plant, loading silo, and
      > coal sludge impoundment; essentially a toxic
      > waste storage facility; pointed directly at the
      > K-5th grade school.
      > There is also a 1,849-acre strip and mountaintop
      > removal site directly above
      > the sludge dam.
      >   At a rally at the same site on Tuesday, May 24, two
      > Coal River Valley residents were arrested when they
      > refused to leave Massey premises. They had a list of
      > demands to present to the plant superintendent, but
      > were refused admittance.
      >   The West Virginia Department of Environmental
      > Protection (DEP) held a public hearing Thursday, May
      > 26, at 6:00 p.m. at the school in Sundial. At the
      > hearing, the DEP allowed the residents, many of whom
      > were elderly and in poor health, only two minutes each
      > to voice their concerns over the silo and also over
      > the renewal of Massey's permit to operate the waste
      > facility, a 2.8 billion-gallon earthen dam whose base
      > is 400 yards from school grounds.
      >      Many participants in the Mountain Justice Summer
      > campaign also spoke passionately in support of the
      > students and against the prep-plant and sludge dam.
      > Despite residents' earlier protests, in 2004 the DEP
      > approved Massey's permit to operate a 1,849-acre
      > mountaintop removal site around the waste facility
      > above the school.
      >   Mountain Justice Summer (MJS) seeks to add to the
      > growing anti-MTR citizens movement. Specifically MJS
      > demands an abolition of MTR, steep slope strip mining
      > and all other forms of surface mining for coal. We
      > want to protect the cultural and natural heritage of
      > the Appalachiacoal fields. We want to contribute with
      > grassroots organizing, public education, nonviolent
      > civil disobedience and other forms of citizen action.
      >   Historically coal companies have engaged in violence
      > and property destruction when faced with citizen
      > opposition to their activities. MJS is committed to
      > nonviolence and will not be engaged in property
      > destruction
      > For More Info:   www.mountainjusticesummer.org  www.crmw.net
      > mountainjusticesummer.org
      Dear Human,
      Why do you think that you're superior to me?
      Is it because you can "talk"?
      I just speak a different language from yours.
      Please don't mistreat me.
      Your ignorance is not my fault.
      ---Cynthia Hendrick "SinDee"
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