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Fw: LETTER/Man Drags, Tapes And Impales Dog

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  • Cynthia Hendrick
    LETTER/Man Drags, Tapes And Impales Dog ... From: Kinship Circle To: 4 Kinship Circle , Kinship Circle
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2005
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      LETTER/Man Drags, Tapes And Impales Dog
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      From: Kinship Circle <info@...>
      To: 4 Kinship Circle <info@...>, Kinship Circle
      Subject: LETTER/Man Drags, Tapes And Impales Dog
      Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2005 22:24:41 -0600

      4/3/05--Man Drags, Tapes And Impales Dog
      1 letter
      http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/4057/WV/US/1 References:
      # azcentral.com - March 15, 2005
      # wchstv.com - March 16, 2005
      # wchstv.com - March 19, 2005
      # herald-dispatch.com - March 20, 2005
      # WOWK 13 - March 21, 2005
      # Charleston Gazette - March 20, 2005
      # MSNBC - March 25, 2005
      additional contact info: http://www.wv.gov/county.aspx?regID=6&cID=36
      PETITION: Dog stabbed, torture and killing and taped to steering wheel
      by Mark Allen Starcher
      Sponsor: Carolyn Mullin
      *DISCLAIMER: The information in these letters is verified with the
      original source. I cannot assume responsibility for the accuracy of the
      information or for the consequences of its use. Nothing in this email is
      intended to encourage illegal action in whatever country you are reading
      it in.
      *Kinship Circle cannot guarantee the validity of email addresses. During
      a campaign, recipients may change or disable their email addresses.
      *Animal abuse cases are TIME-SENSITIVE--depending upon the nature of
      a crime as well as court arraignment, hearing, and sentencing date.
      To check the status of a case before writing, search the Animal
      Abuse Crime Database for updates. Many animal cruelty cases
      (but not all) are on file here: http://www.pet-abuse.com/database/
      Michael T. Clifford, Esq., Kanawha County Prosecuting Attorney
      Kanawha County Magistrate Court
      Magistrate Court ph: 304-357-0400; day court fax: 304-357-0205
      email: webmaster@...
      webmaster @ kanawhaprosecutor.com
      County Courthouse
      409 Virginia Street, East
      Charleston, WV 25301
      ph: 304-357-0130; fax: 304-357-0585
      Dear Mr. Clifford,
      CASE NO. 05 F 622 is grotesque. On March 15, 2005, 37-year-old Mark
      Allen Starcher of Pond Gap fastened a dog to a vehicle and dragged the
      animal until portions of skin were stripped away and bone was exposed.
      But apparently this didn't fulfill Starcher's penchant for sadistic
      brutality. He then taped the dog's front paws and chest cavity to the
      steering wheel of a deserted sport utility vehicle. According to
      Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association officers, the dog was probably
      alive when taped. His front paws were swollen, a sign that blood was
      still circulating through his body. The dog was also found with a
      screwdriver type object protruding from the back of his skull.
      I understand Starcher is charged with one count of felony animal
      cruelty. Please prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law, with the
      maximum jail sentence and fine. I urge you to seek psychiatric
      evaluation and counseling for Starcher and request that he be prohibited
      from owning or harboring animals in any context. Starcher's vehicle,
      utilized in the commission of a felony, ought to be seized as well.
      As you are likely aware, innumerable studies from the U.S. Department of
      Justice, the FBI, various universities and other sources identify
      violence against animals as a precursor to violence against humans.
      Lenient penalties will not "fix" Starcher. If he hasn't done so already,
      he will surely vent future rage on members of his family or society.
      Animal abuse is an overt clue to antisocial behavior and is listed as a
      key trait for conduct disorders in an American Psychiatric Association
      profile. In an inquiry conducted by the MSPCA and Northeastern
      University, 70% of animal abusers had accumulated one or more unrelated
      crimes and nearly 40% had committed brutal crimes against people.
      Violence rarely occurs in isolated pieces. Please do not let Starcher
      hurt another living being. Thank you for your conscientious action in
      this disturbing case.
      Because Kinship Circle cannot produce letter campaigns for EVERY cruelty
      case--sadly, there are just too many--we will periodically list
      petitions graciously provided by Carolyn Mullin of No More Homeless
      Animals. Please take a few moments to read about these cases, sign your
      name to the petitions, and write your own letters if moved to do so.
      *Whenever you write letters on your own, feel free to cite statistics or
      examples found in Kinship Circle sample letters.
      Brenda, KC
      PETITION: Dog's throat slashed by Roger Gregg
      PETITION: Dog severely beaten by Eric Barkman
      PETITION: Pit bull locked in closet, starved to death
      PETITION: 11 sled dogs abandoned and neglected - (Kasilof, AK - US)
      I have created two animal rights groups:
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