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Protect bison today

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  • enidbrea
    Action needed today to save bison Dear Best Friends Network Member: Tomorrow, on Monday, January 10, the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commissioners will meet to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2005
      Action needed today to save bison

      Dear Best Friends Network Member:

      Tomorrow, on Monday, January 10, the Montana Fish and Wildlife
      Commissioners will meet to reconsider a bison hunt.

      Many of us are not aware that bison are still being killed. It is
      often thought that the buffalo were last killed in the Nineteenth
      Century, when they were nearly wiped out, and that since then, they
      have been a protected species.

      This is not the case. Every winter, as hundreds of bison leave
      Yellowstone National Park, to go into Montana on their natural, age-
      old migratory route, they are chased, rounded-up and sent off to
      slaughter by government agencies.

      This year, in addition to the usual round up and slaughter, a "hunt"
      has been scheduled. It is not a large hunt; it will allow the
      killing of ten innocent buffalo, who are habituated to people, who do
      not run away, and who are resident at a site called Eagle Creek,
      which was previously set aside as a safe passageway for migrating

      Governor Schweitzer, the new Montana governor, is opposed to this
      hunt and he has appointed new Montana Fish and Wildlife Commissioners
      who are also opposed to the hunt.

      There is an excellent possibility that the bison hunt will be
      cancelled, but it is essential that the voices of those opposing the
      hunt be greater than the voices of the hunting lobby.

      Shortly, we plan to send out a second request to ask the agencies who
      round-up and send off to slaughter hundreds of bison to cancel that
      slaughter as well.

      For more information on the bison hunt, please see below, a letter
      explaining the situation and requesting help for the buffalo.

      The cancellation of this hunt is the first important step. Please e-
      mail or telephone (or both), Governor Schweitzer and the Fish and
      Wildlife Commissioners, either Sunday afternoon or very early Monday
      morning. Please thank them—they are in favor of protecting the
      bison, and please ask them to cancel the bison hunt.

      Contact Information:

      Please call or e-mail to the Montana governor and the Fish, Wildlife,
      and Parks Commissioners.

      You may send the sample letter below, as is, as your e-mail to the
      two e-mail addresses below; or you may write and send an e-mail in
      your own words.

      Governor Brian Schweitzer
      Telephone: 406-444-3111
      Fax: 406-444-5529
      E-mail: governor@...

      Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission Members
      E mail: FWPCOMM@...

      Individual FWP Commission Members:
      The information below is provided in case it is needed. The
      commissioners full names and two of their phone numbers were
      available, but they can all be reached by using the e-mail above.

      District 1
      Victor Workman
      Whitefish, MT

      District 2
      Tim Mulligan, Vice Chairman
      Whitehall, MT
      (406) 287-3746

      District 3
      Steve Doherty, Chairman
      Great Falls, MT

      District 4
      John Brenden
      Scobey, MT
      (406) 783-5394

      District 5
      Shane Colton
      Billings, MT

      Sample Letter:

      Dear Governor Schweitzer and Commissioners Workman, Mulligan,
      Doherty, Brenden and Colton:

      I would like to thank you for your decision to reconsider the bison

      I am asking that the bison hunt be cancelled both for this year and

      The area known as Eagle Creek was set aside as a safe haven for bison
      outside Yellowstone National Park, so that bison leaving the park on
      their regular winter migration could pass safely through this area.

      Because Eagle Creek was designated as a safe area and is one of the
      only locations outside Yellowstone National Park where bison are not
      subject to being chased, rounded up and sent to slaughter, there are
      several older bulls who are resident there.

      Killing ten of these bison, who are very habituated to people and who
      do not run away, would not be a "hunt", but a senseless slaughter.

      The inhumane, cruel slaughter of these magnificent animals, who are
      part of all Americans' national heritage, would harm not only the
      animals themselves, but also the reputation of the state of Montana.

      When one thinks of Montana, the beauty and peace of the wilderness
      come to mind. This enchanting vision draws many, many visitors and
      benefits the people of Montana.

      Thank you very much for considering these points and for the courage
      you've shown in taking a stand to reconsider the bison hunt and to
      protect the lives of these noble, native wild animals.


      (Your name)

      Thank you very much for helping the bison, and thank you for being
      part of the Best Friends Network! Your continued support and
      assistance is what makes change possible!


      Jean Hansen
      Transportation Coordinator
      Network Coordinator
      Best Friends Animal Society
      5001 Angel Canyon Road
      Kanab, UT 84741
      Phone (435) 644-2001 Ext 322
      Fax (435) 644-2434
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