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      Oh my Friends, see the details of these dog trainers' attitudes and their deceipt to authorities, for dog fighting which I hadn't heard about before!!!!  Just too painful for words!!!   Below is the explanation, the list of emails to write to the authorities and a great short sample letter (please DO NOT copy the letter, change it around or write your own 2 lines).  Also there are 4 phone numbers for which the KentuckyFund@... (aol.com) couldn't find the emails.  Thanks so much for doing this as for sure they'll be convicted with several felony charges!        Adela


      P.S.  I found the article to which you can go directly:


      Sept. 25: http://www.starbeacon.com/index.asp?MC=NEWS&NID=1&AID=6265   


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      From: Julia Sharp

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      Subject: Fwd: [KYAnimalRescueAlliance] Fwd: (no subject) pit bull fighting

      KentuckyFund@... wrote:

           On September 25, 2004 , Ashtabula Ohio 's Star Beacon ran a story about the Ashtabula County Humane Society officers who tried to halt the abuse (deprivation of food and water) of 50-75 pit bull dogs tied to trees in a woods behind a man's property in Orwell Township . If you did not see the article you can view it at the Star-beacon's website: link to


      Once there, you can use their "archive selecter" to locate the article for the date Setember 25. (There is also a follow-up article on September 28).
      The HS officers tried to rescue the dogs, but they were moved over the weekend, before oofficers could get a warrant.  But they will turn up again....
           These dogs are, in all likelihood, being used for dog fights. ! ; Dog fight rings are rampant in Ohio .  Holmes County is another area particularly plagued.  Our public officials don't care so why should you care
      ?  Let's set aside the unpopular notion of compassion and kindness for a minute:  To own a trained-to-kill fight dog is a felony in Ohio .  To arrange a dog fight is a felony.  To be a spectator at a dog fight is a felony.  Hey, that's three felonies!  Punishable by up to five years in prison.  Now throw in all those studies indicating that people who are violent towards animals often have no qualms about committing acts of violence toward people.  Hmmmm, maybe that could affect you.  Or your family. Your community.  But wait!  There's more!
           Why were there so many dogs and why were they underfed?  The weaker dogs! are used as "bait" or practice fighters, to exercise the champion fight dog's jaw muscles and to maintain his bloodlust.  If they are hungry, the weaker ones will at least put up a good fight, trying to eat the other dog upon being released.  While training fighter pit bulls, owners feed them gun powder, amphetamines or other (illegal) chemicals to make them "crazy" or blindly vicious.   Nice guys, huh?  Could be your neighbs.
           In addition to their enjoyment of blood sport, fight dog breeders and spectators wage bets, the winners stand to make more money than you'd guess:  $25,000-50,000 is a small pot at these "games." Illegal gambling is a felony, as is receiving undeclared income.  Competing top dog owners drive up from many other states to make that kind of dough.  That's criminal acts crossing state lines, more felonies.  They can now contact each other easily via the internet! .  Hundreds of them have web sites to sell puppies bred from their champion fight dogs, offer How-to videos for training fight dogs, boast about their champion fight dogs, challenge other fight dogs to a match and set dates for fights, and some even show film footage of dog fights.   All of those activities on the internet are illegal, some are felonies.

           Very often when these "underground" fights are busted, the players are drinking a lot of beer--hey, it's a party!--and many weapons and illegal chemicals and drugs are found too.  So let's see...we have the three felonies I first mentioned regarding fight dogs, racketeering (repeatedly organizing illegal acts - felony!), gambling, drugs, weapons--Felony!  Felony!  Felony!  Whew!  I lost count!!  Even if some of the charges are reduced to misdemeanors, wow, that's still a whole lotta' crime!
           There's still another angle.  The only people who actively pursue such criminals in Ashtabula County , for example, are Humane Society Officers, unpaid volunteers (mostly women) who have day jobs.  They do it out of compassion.  One sheriff's deputy went along with two volunteers in the above mentioned case.  Although they weren't busting a fight-in-progress, often they get very little support from the sheriff, even when they're investigating active dog fights.  Wouldn't it seem wise for the sheriff to send more deputies along when they go to check out a tip on a fight?
            Imagine a couple of unarmed volunteers and a deputy, going down into a dark basement (that's where they often hold their "games") where one or two dozen drunk (or high), armed killer-dog owners and bettors are yelling at ravenous, bloodthirsty pit bulls to attack during a fight.  These guys are crazy AND they stand to do prison time AND lose their prized dogs AND lose the thousands of dollars in the betting kitty AND maybe lose their homes, cars and other toys purchased with illegally-gained money (under the R.I.C.O. Act, a Federal Law).
           It affects urban and rural people, like you:  50-75 dogs are difficult to hide in urban areas, so owners either live in the country with their dogs or keep them with a friend who lives there.  Sometimes the fights take place there.  Sometimes they take place in a city--basements muffle all the cheering, growling and death howls.  Fights used to happen in Cleveland 's pre-gentrified Tremont in the '80s.    
          I hope I've made my points clear:  The idea is to stop this racketeering.   These thugs are committing multiple felonies.  They are dangerous and violent.  The only way to get local officials to act is to tell them to.  The only way to get State Officials to investigate is to tell local officials to do their jobs AND recommend to the State that it gets involved.  The State and Federal officers can tap phones, get phone number printouts, track web sites and emails, confiscate computers and they have th! e manpower to bust these multi-layered rackets.
           Below are some email addresses to cut & paste, as well as a short letter.  Please forward to friends too.  I could not find some email addresses for people directly involved with the above story, but if you got a dime, their phone numbers are:

      Sheriff William "Billy" Johnson-
      Ashtabula County Prosecutor's Office-
      Judge Richard Stevens- 440-466-1184
      Organized Crime Investigations Committee- 1-800-589-6622
      Email to:

      accvb@...,visitor@..., commissioners@...,general@...,webmaster@..., ohhp@...,danewcomb@...,jamoroski@...,
      lccomm@...,guide@..., Strangest@...,
      mayor@...,bernadette@...,skalman@..., cindy@...,hcc@...,hcso@...,rjboggs@...,
      pryce.oh15@...,sherrod@...,john.boehner@... senator_dewine@...,Portmail@...,bobney@...,

      Sample letter:

      Re: Pit Bull Dog Fights in Ashtabula and Holms Counties


             I urge the County Sheriff to issue warrants with expedience.
         I urge the sheriff to provide more support and deputies for Humane Society investigations of dog   fights.
              I want these activities actively investigated.

             I urge the County Prosecutors to request that State Officials investigate dog fight racketeering.
            I urge all judges to give maximum sentences to these criminals and, under the R.I.C.O., take away their dogs, their homes, their cars and any other toys purchased with their illegally-gained hundreds of thousands of dollars.



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