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  • Karen Loveless
    ... Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2004 7:24 PM Subject: PuppyMillWordDoc October 6, 2004 Pennsylvania has become known as the Puppy-mill Capital of the East
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      Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2004 7:24 PM

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      October 6, 2004




      Pennsylvania has become known as the "Puppy-mill Capital of the East Coast" because commercial kennels, also called puppy-mills, are so numerous in our state. The suffering of the dogs that spend their lives in these mills is unspeakable. The laws that are meant to protect these dogs are not being enforced. Therefore, Keystone Golden Retriever Rescue Inc., together with the State Dog Warden of Bedford and Fulton Counties, has retained an Attorney and filed a lawsuit against the officials of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Dog Law.


      The Bureau of Dog Law is supposed to regulate the conditions of kennels and provide protection for the dogs.  But the truth is that dogs live in filthy conditions and crowded cages.  Many of these dogs have no shelter from the elements. They stand in urine and feces. They have moldy food and contaminated drinking water. The sick and injured dogs receive little or no veterinary care. Pennsylvania puppy-mill owners are profiting from these mistreated, over-bred dogs.


      The Dog Law is not being consistently enforced. The Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement, which falls under the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, is the agency charged with this responsibility.  At the same time, the Department of Agriculture promotes, encourages and supports the "farming" of dogs as a cash crop.  The Directors of the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement in Harrisburg refuse to enforce the law. They continuously and knowingly allow thousands of dogs to suffer and violators of the law to prosper. Their actions clearly demonstrate the incompetence and indifference of those charged with the protection of these dogs.  Even worse, these officials have now turned to intimidating qualified, motivated law enforcement officers, private organizations and persons to stifle their right to speak out.


      Without question, Dog Law Enforcement is needed in this state. There is no other agency that has the knowledge or ability to properly do this job. Our State Dog Wardens should be able to fully protect the dogs, but due to the lack of support from their superiors in Harrisburg, their hands are tied. 


      We need your help.  Keystone Golden Retriever Rescue is in desperate need of financial support for this legal action to defend our canine companions. Help us elevate the status of dogs to a higher standing than that of mere livestock. Your donation will help to protect our "best friends" and strengthen enforcement of the laws.  We deeply appreciate your support.






      Christine M. Kougher


      Keystone Golden Retriever Rescue Inc.

      PO Box 384

      DuBois,  PA  15801

      Telephone:  814-371-0111


      KGRRis a 501 (c) (3) non-profitorganization.

      Alldonations are tax deductible.




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