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Lobster Resolution-Live Lobster Sashimi to be served no More !

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  • deborah barrie
    Lobster Sashimi to be served no More ! ... From: guestrelations Reply-To: guestrelations@sushisamba.com Date: Wed 31 Mar 2004
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      Lobster Sashimi to be served no More !

      From: "guestrelations" <guestrelations@...>
      Reply-To: guestrelations@...
      Date: Wed 31 Mar 2004 15:08:16 -0700
      To: <guestrelations@...>
      Subject: Lobster Resolution

      March 31, 2004

      We have received your calls.  We have received your emails.  We have
      received your letters.  SUSHISAMBA will no longer be serving live lobster
      sashimi.  The change is taking place immediately and will be reflected at
      all four of our locations on our new spring menus within the next week.

      SUSHISAMBA has always encouraged our guests to send us their feedback.  And
      we attribute our ongoing success to our strong relationship with our
      customers.  Most of the comments have praised us for our sound concept that
      focuses on great food, music and service.  However, this past week has been
      flooded with communications voicing concerns over the live lobster sashimi
      featured on our menus.

      As a direct result, the dish will still feature lobster sashimi, but it will
      no longer be served live.

      I want to be clear that our actions are the outcome of all of the people
      that called, emailed and wrote letters ~ those of you that took the time out
      of your day to communicate with us in a clear and honest fashion.  To you,
      we have responded and we hope to continue to see you at  SUSHISAMBA.  If you
      haven¹t dined with us as of yet, we hope we can serve you in the near

      However, there are people that chose to try to intimidate us.  People who
      placed harassing phone calls and left messages calling our female managers
      whores and prostitutes.  People that wrote and compared what we did to the
      tragedy of 9/11.  Please know that this victory is not yours.  Communication
      is the key to resolving all issues, and people who behave in such a manner
      only stand in the way of any possible success.

      Again, we thank you for your time and hope that you are pleased that we have
      been able to resolve this issue in a timely fashion.


      Danielle Billera
      Managing Partner
      SUSHISAMBA® Restaurants

      - The culture & cuisine of Japan, Brazil & Peru -


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