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Stop proposed US lab

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      Dear Animal Rights Activists of New Jersey,
      My name is Jesse Einhorn, and I work with the Princeton law firm Hill
      Wallack.  We have recently been retained to prevent the construction of an
      animal testing facility in the Township of East Amwell, Hunterdon County.  
      Having recently purchased a large plot of existing farmland, Fort Dodge
      Animal Health, a division of Wyeth Laboratories, is seeking to raise cows,
      sheep and horses which will be kept in a closed holding facility while being
      intentionally infected
      with worms and other parasites.  All of these animals will then become the
      subjects of cruel and rigorous drug testing, and many will be slaughtered
      and dissected on site.  We want to stop Wyeth's
      development, and we need your help.
      Our legal opposition to this matter departs from the fact that the property
      on which they plan to build is zoned solely for "farm use". To secure
      municipal approval, Wyeth is arguing that because they are raising the
      animals (albeit for testing), their activities are essentially agricultural.
       But it is clear that what they are really doing isn't "farming" at all.  
      Indeed, the true and ugly nature of their intended proceedings is evidenced
      by Wyeth's own construction proposal, which includes "a slaughtering
      facility, a necropsy facility, a dissection room...(and) an underground
      storage tank" where they plan to
      keep blood and tissue samples.
      On Wednesday, October 1st, the planning board of East Amwell will meet to
      decide whether or not to approve Wyeth's proposal.
      It is crucial that they hear the public outcry, and we desperately need your
      We must make clear that, as conscientious citizens, we know the line where
      (quasi)-legitimate agriculture ends and outright
      exploitation begins; that Wyeth's is not the kind of "farm" we want in New
      Jersey. I have contacted numerous animal rights groups across the state.  I
      am hoping to stage a silent protest during the meeting, and also organize a
      group of representatives from various groups to state our objections
      directly before the planning board.
      I will be contacting you again by phone at the beginning of next week and at
      that point, we can work out
      the details of our plan (assuming your group would like to participate).
      The planning board meeting will be held at 7:30pm, Wednesday, October 1st,
      East Amwell Township Municipal Building
      1070 Route 202/31
      Ringoes, NJ 08551
      Phone Number: (908) 782 1967
      Again, it is of crucial importance that we voice our opposition at this
      forum, and that we voice it LOUDLY.  It is a tremendous opportunity for our
      community to take a decisive stand against animal cruelty.
      Please e-mail me with any questions, or call me at 609) 924 6324.
      Otherwise, I will talk to you at the beginning of next week.
      Thank you for your time in considering this matter.

      Jesse A. Einhorn
      Hill Wallack
      202 Carnegie Center
      CN 5226
      Princeton, NJ  08543-5226
      (609) 924-0808
      Fax:  (609) 452-1888
      Direct Dial:  (609) 734-6324
      Email:  jae@...


      Tell of your passion of the causes you fight for!

      "Hunting ... the least honorable form of war on the weak".

      - Paul Richard

      Don't just question animal abuse. Interrogate it, impugn it, tear it down, dismember it, bury it, and when the mood strikes you, dance on its grave!

      "My doctrine is this: that if we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and we do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt."

      - Anna Sewell, (English Novelist)

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        Molecule Found in Meat, Milk and Tumors - Study


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