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  • Ima Vegan
    ****URGENT - Please Cross Post Widely******* Call your friends, relatives and neighbors. We need a strong show of support for the media which will be in
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      ****URGENT - Please Cross Post Widely*******

      Call your friends, relatives and neighbors. We need a
      strong show of support for the media which will be in
      attendance for Thursday's demo.

      ACTION ALERT � New York City
      Huntingdon Life Sciences Customer

      Event: News Makers in the Biotech Industry Conference
      Date: Thursday, September 4th
      Time: 11:30 am until 2:00 pm
      Meeting place: Millennium Broadway Hotel
      Address: 145 W. 44th St., (off Broadway - 2 blocks
      from Times Square)

      Why We Must Be There: From Michelle Rokke's
      "Sunday, 1/26/97: The Cardio primates (Chiron) are
      very fearful now after the surgeries. Before the
      operation, there were always 8 or 9 of the 12 who
      would take treats from my hand. now, only 2 trust me
      enough to get that close. Even the very friendly ones
      not only shrink back from me, they actually strike
      out. #3180 and 4180 both have swelling around one
      incision. #3081 has a length of suture-like material
      about 2 inches long coming from the first incision."

      From SHAC's News Advisory:

      One week after two bombs shook Chiron Pharmaceuticals
      in California; animal activists hound them down at a
      New York City investment seminar.

      A pharmaceutical investor�s forum and symposium.
      Protestors will ask potential investors to avoid
      Chiron because of its sordid and violent relationship
      with the notorious animal-testing lab Huntingdon Life
      Sciences (HLS).

      Animal rights protestors will converge and protest the
      West coast based pharmaceutical company Chiron for its
      business relationship with Huntingdon Life Sciences.
      Chiron has been exposed in undercover investigations
      sponsoring secretive primate experimentation and other
      controversial studies.

      The protest comes on the heels of a controversial
      bombing of the Chiron�s California office last
      Thursday. SHAC USA spokesperson Amy Jennings states
      �We are telling possible investors that if they invest
      in Chiron � they may just get that �BANG� for their

      Poking fun at the bombs, Jennings continues �we�re
      going to have a �blast� wrecking Chiron�s investment
      opportunities! Poisoning dogs for the sake of
      toothpaste is cruel and wrong. Customers of HLS should
      not expect too much sympathy from us!�

      Huntingdon Life Sciences has been exposed in five
      undercover investigations, revealing workers punching
      beagle puppies in the face, dissecting live primates,
      falsifying research reports for animal welfare, and
      violating Good Laboratory Practice rules over 600
      times. Since May of 2001 HLS has been plagued by
      protestors and lost 90% of its stock worth. "

      For more information about the protest contact:
      Call: SHAC USA at 609-936-8422 or e-mail:

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