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    From: rolda@care2.com (ROLDA) To: rolda@care2.com ROLDA Newsletter August 2003 1.Puppy eaten by a child in Romania. 2. National Homeless Animals Day
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      From:    rolda@... (ROLDA)
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      ROLDA Newsletter August 2003

      1.Puppy eaten by a child  in Romania.
      2."National Homeless Animals Day" event -16
      August 2003
      3."Adopt a stray" Program!

      1.Puppy eaten by a child  in Romania!

      Two days ago,I was informed by an old woman that
      Police from my town took from streets a boy,10
      years old
      because citizens saw him eating a stray alived!
      The boy is menthal ill(is suffering from serious
      psihical problems)and nobody knows why he cut and
      eat pieces from the poor puppy!!!
      I contacted Police and tried to speak with the
      boy,tried to find informations where the boy is
      located right now and things like this but nobody
      offered me any informations!!!
      It's difficult to understand a situation like
      this and to know exactly what kind of support I
      might offer,especially when all factors that
      should involved in this kind of situation ,didn't
      any support to the poor boy,especially when his
      menthal condition is so uncertain.Still,killing
      with knife and eating a puppy alive is something
      I'll not forget so soon and something I'll never

      2."National Homeless Animals Day" event -16
      August 2003

      Trying to avoid situations like the one mentioned
      before and trying to educate peoples about the
      importance of respect an animal'life,ROLDA is
      decided to organise "National Homeless Animals
      Day"Event thsi month,on 16 August.
      We already edit few materiels and print few
      hundred leaflets and brochures,that will be free
      given to peoples from my town .
      For the first time this year,we prepared part of
      materiels about animal'rights generally(not only
      about strays)-leaflets about protection of
      wildlife species , marine species from Black Sea.
      We don't dream the situation must solve over
      night or as consequence of a special event,we
      only hope that peoples will read our materiels
      and become less selfish and start care!
      One day,maybe my dream(and each animal'lover
      dream)will become reality and this Earth will
      become a safer,better place for ALL LIVING CREATURES!

      3."Adopt a stray" Program!

      JULY Month:
      Spay/Neuter:20 dogs
      Vaccinate:24 dogs
      Dogs in long treatment:4.

      As update at ROLDA'shelter:we made insulation for
      the 3 large wood kennels and start building
      kennel no.4
      We hope that we will have 20 kennels of this type
      finished until coming winter(where up to 40 dogs
      will be sheltered with love and best care)!
      If you'd like to participate at our "Adopt a
      stray" Program,please use this link to donate:


      Or please contact ROLDA for more informations and
      ways about how your donation might be sent!
      Thank you for your generosity and for care about
      our strays!
      ROLDA Romania

      Help the planet each day! It's free and easy:

      Tell of your passion of the causes you fight for!

      "Hunting ... the least honorable form of war on the weak".

      - Paul Richard

      Don't just question animal abuse. Interrogate it, impugn it, tear it down, dismember it, bury it, and when the mood strikes you, dance on its grave!

      "My doctrine is this: that if we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and we do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt."

      - Anna Sewell, (English Novelist)

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