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Stop Daniel Esh!!

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  • Karen Loveless
    If you do nothing else - sign the petition!!! Email if you can! Message: 3 Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2003 00:32:21 -0600 From: Sharon B! Subject: Re:
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      If you do nothing else – sign the petition!!! Email if you can!




      Message: 3

         Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2003 00:32:21 -0600

         From: "Sharon B!" <skclb@...>

      Subject: Re: [Boycott] Daniel Esh, PUPPYMILLER - ALERT & PETITION


      Hi Group,

      August 18th is my birthday ~ please give me and the countless animals that have suffered and continue to suffer in the Esh puppymill a present from the heart. This man has to be stopped. It's up to us to speak for these fur babies, once again. Please take a moment to respond to this email.



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        Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 11:02 PM

        Subject: [Boycott] Daniel Esh, PUPPYMILLER - ALERT & PETITION



        The following is our next plan-of-attack against the notorious puppymiller in Leacock Township, Lancaster, PA, Daniel Esh.  I know a lot of you were kind enough to send letters/e-mails to the Leacock Township Board Members in Feb/March this year when we requested your help.  Those letters/e-mails totaled more than 400.   I know all of you lead very busy lives so I'm begging you, if you cannot write e-mails again, at least please sign the petition to have your voice heard. We need all the signatures we can get before August 18th.  The petition will stay online through the end of September but on August 19th, we plan to present to the Leacock Board Members those signatures received by that date.  PLEASE remember the dogs who spend every single day of their lives in this horrendous puppymill when writing your comments on the petition.  We need to speak for the dogs who can't!!!



        Linda Hauser




        Lancaster County Puppy Mill Update/Alert

        August 1, 2003


        Daniel Esh: If At First You Don't Succeed...


        Emails and E-Petition Signatures needed by August 15!


        Dear Friends,


        As you can see by the title of this alert, Amish puppy miller Daniel Esh, owner of Clearview Kennel, Ronks, Pennsylvania, is at it again, trying to find a way around the Leacock Township Ordinance of 1991 that (generously) caps the total number of dogs in a commercial kennel at 250. His most recent attempt to beat the system is to now go before the Leacock Township Zoning Hearing Board to ask for "a variance for modification of the 1991 decision."  The date of the hearing is TUESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2003 at 7 PM at Leacock Township Municipal Building, 3535 West Newport Road, Intercourse, PA 17572.


        Since the early nineties, Daniel Esh has flagrantly thumbed his nose at authorities, and the PA Bureau of Dog Law and the USDA somehow manage to either look the other way or ignore the seriousness of the violations cited by each agency. To date, the number of dogs on the property remains in excess of 500. 


        For those not familiar with this notorious Pennsylvania puppy mill and for others who need a refresher course, here are the facts followed by action you can take to help end the suffering of these dogs:


        March 21, 1991: Daniel Esh was issued a kennel license by the state, not to exceed 250 dogs.


        September 1997: State Attorney General Mike Fisher's Bureau of Consumer Protection sued Daniel and John Esh for allegedly breeding and selling dogs without a license. The Esh's voluntarily cancelled their USDA license to breed and sell dogs in 1995, yet 81 litters of puppies were found on the premises in 1997.


        October 2002: Daniel Esh applied for a permit to construct a new barn to house dogs in cages. Permit was denied by Zoning Officer Wilmer Hall. Esh appealed this decision.


        January 21, 2003: Esh's appeal was heard by the Leacock Township Zoning Hearing



        March 18, 2003:  The Zoning Hearing Board DENIED the appeal of Daniel Esh, after reviewing inspection reports (documenting the number and conditions of dogs) provided by a local anti-puppy mill advocate and Last Chance for Animals (LCA).


        April 3, 2003: Leacock Township brought civil action in the form of an Enforcement Notice against Daniel Esh for non-compliance of the 1991 Township Ordinance. The Township sought damages in the amount of $7500.


        May 5, 2003: A hearing in Municipal Court, Gap, Pennsylvania regarding the civil action resulted in a continuance "so that each side could work things out." 


        Esh is now employing yet another stalling tactic by going before the Zoning Hearing Board to ask for a variance.




        Email the members of the Leacock Township Zoning Hearing Board and urge them to DENY Daniel Esh a variance or modification.  Tell them you are fed up with his scheming and conniving. They denied his earlier appeal, they can do it again!


        Wilmer Hall, Zoning Officer

        Zoning Hearing Board Members: Michael Sensenig, Donald Eby, Richard Bomberger

        Email: staff@...

        Fax: 717-768-8471

        Phone: 717-768-8585


        Leacock Township Board of Supervisors:

        Robert Alexander, Frank Howe, Jeff Martin, Jake Smucker, James Zimmerman

        Email: staff@...



        When emailing the above, CC the following:


        Lancaster County Commissioners:

        Howard Shaub, Paul Thibault, Ron Ford

        Email: Commish@...


        Bill Wehry, Deputy Secretary of Agriculture

        Email: bwehry@...


        Mary Bender, Director, PA Bureau of Dog Law



        Governor Edward G. Rendell

        Email: Governor@...







        Leacock Township Officials were impressed with the over 400 emails and faxes (some from as far away as Bermuda!) generated by our previous alerts. Let's show them again how much we care!


        For previous alerts and articles, here are the links:











        To view the WPVI ABC-Channel 6 (Philadelphia) video clip, May 7, 2003:





        Thank you for your help and all that you do for animals! Feel free to contact us for more information. We will keep you updated!


        Last Chance for Animals/PA-NJ


        Email: siu73@...





      Karen, Jeff and mill rescues Poms Cowboy and Hershey, Poms Abigail and Tucker and Cock-a-Poo Grady and my kitty Minnie Me! Also from Poms Bridgette and Spritzer and kitties Cow,Tootie and Lucy who are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for us. We will never forget you! http://www.nopuppymills.com/




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