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IMPORTANT REMINDER: Comments to USDA Due by June 10th

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  • Colleen Klaum
    Have you emailed your comments yet to the USDA?This is one of the most important actions you can take to protect the millions of animals tortured in barbaric
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2003

      Have you emailed your comments yet to the USDA?
      This is one of the most important actions you can take to protect the 
      millions of animals tortured in barbaric research experiments.  Please 
      forward widely and ask your friends and family members to also comment.  
      (See sample comments below.)
      Deadline for Comments: June 10th
      THE ISSUE:  The U.S. Department of Agriculture has taken an important 
      forward for the welfare of animals used in research, breeding and 
      exhibitions.  It is vital that you contact the USDA today to express 
      support for the proposed regulation to require researchers, puppy 
      breeders and exhibitors to keep medical records on their animals.  
      While it 
      is hard to believe this isn�t already a requirement, the USDA admits 
      such records is implied, but not specifically required.
      This change will help ensure animals receive appropriate care by making 
      breeders, research facilities, and exhibitors more accountable.  
      these facilities are supposed to have a "program of adequate veterinary 
      care," however, this can be difficult to verify.  The USDA indicated 
      change will help inspectors determine who is not providing adequate 
      veterinary care to their animals.
      As you can imagine, the researchers, breeders, and exhibitors are not 
      to like this proposal and will try to defeat it, even though keeping 
      files is something they should already be doing.  That's why your 
      now is so important!
      Please submit comments of support to the USDA - No Later than June 
      Send emails to: regulations@...
      1) Use "Docket No. 97-033-1" in the Subject Line of your email.
      2) Comments must be contained in the body of the message; do not send 
      attached files.
      3) Include your name and address in the message.
      4) Consider suggesting that the final regulation specify an attending 
      veterinarian must sign the medical records.
      SAMPLE EMAIL:  Remember to include your name and address.  
      members are also encouraged to write.
      TO: regulations@...   (aphis.usda.gov)
      SUBJECT: Docket No. 97-033-1
      Please ensure the intact passage of the regulations outlined in Docket
      No. 97-033-1 that would require researchers, breeders and exhibitors to 
      maintain medical records for their animals.  In addition, please 
      adding a requirement that an attending veterinarian sign the medical 
      to ensure their accuracy and validity.

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      - Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting

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