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Killing them Softly Action Alert

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  • Colleen Klaum
    United Poultry Concerns List(To be removed, visit www.UPC-online.org/email)April 30, 2003Letters for Chickens are Needed Killing Them Softly, The Los Angeles
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      United Poultry Concerns List
      (To be removed, visit www.UPC-online.org/email)
      April 30, 2003
      Letters for Chickens are Needed
      "Killing Them Softly," The Los Angeles Times, The Nation, Column One,
      Stephanie Simon, April 29, 2003
      "Killing Them Softly" is a powerful article about factory farmed 
      and the increasing attention these animals are finally starting to
      receive on various fronts (please see the article below). One of the
      most momentous quotes is by former Tyson chicken slaughterhouse 
      Virgil Butler, who worked the nightshift at the Grannis, Arkansas plant
      for five years. Concerning chickens paralyzed by the electrified water
      trough through which their faces are dragged just before having their
      necks cut, he says: "I've stood there on the kill floor and seen how
      they look at you. They try everything in their power to get away. They
      may not be able to read and write, but they know what's going on."  
      What Can I Do?
      1. The Los Angeles Times takes letters at:
      Link: mailto:letters@...
      Always include your full name, address and telephone number when
      emailing a letter to the editor.
      2. The Polk County, Arkansas Sheriff and Prosecuting Attorney's Office
      are investigating cruelty charges based on Virgil Butler's affidavit
      (1/30/03) in which he describes Tyson slaughterhouse workers in 
      AR tearing chickens' bodies apart, running over chickens with 
      and blowing chickens apart with dry ice bombs for fun, and much more
      horrific cruelty to these birds on a nightly basis.
       (To read Virgil Butler's affidavit, go to
      Please urge the sheriff and the prosecuting attorney to file
      cruelty-to-animals charges against all those responsible, as described
      in Mr. Butler's affidavit:
      The Honorable Tim Williamson
      Prosecuting Attorney
      Polk County Prosecutor's Office
      PO Box 109
      600 Port Arthur Street
      Mena, AR 71953
      Ph: 479-394-6114
      Fax: 479-394-6173
      Sheriff Michael Oglesby 
      Polk County Sheriff's Office
      507 Church Street
      Mena, AR 71953
      Ph: 479-394-8163
      Fax: 479-394-1975
      Please write now. According to Mr. Butler, "I have talked with some of
      my former co-workers who say that conditions have not gotten better
      since the investigation started. It is a nightmare down there." 
      United Poultry Concerns is a nonprofit organization that promotes the
      compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl.

      "Animals are worth nothing to hunters, millions to the wildlife agencies, billions to the weapons industry... but priceless to us who fight for their liberation"!
      - Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting

      Tell of your passion of the causes you fight for!

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