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Re: animal hater

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  • Pascal De Bock
    Beautiful answer John! very professional and hitting the nail right on the head! bravo! Pascal ... rights person. But since you made some derogatory comments,
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 17, 2003
      Beautiful answer John! very professional and hitting the nail right
      on the head! bravo! Pascal

      --- In CorrectTreatment@yahoogroups.com, "J. Whyman" <j.whyman@w...>
      > This is my reply to Ben Zierke
      > This may be counterproductive to read another e-mail from an animal
      rights person. But since you made some derogatory comments, I need to
      try rectify some of those misconceptions.
      > AR people are very active for their cause. If you ever had a pet,
      you may appreciate that the AR people have taken action to protect
      those animals.
      > Obviously you think some or maybe all animals don't deserve any
      rights, they are just here for us to do what ever we want with them.
      We choose to treat them as we would want to be treated if we where in
      their place. It is such a self-evident idea that it is all that one
      needs to know to understand us.
      > You have rightly cited the well-known fact in which this country
      has been conceived upon. The AR people have been well with in this
      boundary and your impression of the AR community has been forcing
      it's beliefs on the public is indefensible. Your comparisons equate
      us to engaging in some bizarre physical and life threatening activity
      such as what the Nazis had done, we do not have that motivation nor
      > On the matter of hunting. The best and worst thing that can happen
      to you is if you get an epiphany and find that the animals you kill
      want to live just as we do. I know a man who once hunted. He shot a
      doe, she fell into a swiftly moving stream. Her fawn came out of
      hiding and chased his dead mother as she floated away. The fawn was
      calling for her as he ran. That man has not hunted since then, he
      suffers from enormous disabling guilt.
      > Best Regards
      > Pythagoras
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      > From: Black Beauty
      > To: Undisclosed-Recipient
      > Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2003 9:59 AM
      > Subject: animal hater
      > The following e-mail came from an animal-hater who obviously hates
      animal protectionists, as well. Perhaps you would like to respond to
      his nasty and unprovoked attack?
      > His name is Ben Zierke and his e-mail address is Pejarasho@h...
      Here are his words of wisdom:
      > i would like to respond to all of the emails you are sending me.
      for some reason i am all of a sudden getting these animal rights
      propoganda emails. someone has given you my email as a joke, which
      is exactly what your cause is. if you feel good activists got off
      your lazy asses and did something worthwhile for society, i would be
      completely amazed. all you can do is sit around and whine and
      complain. why dont you and all your animal loving friends go help
      solve the problem in greece if its so terrible. instead of boycott,
      help solve the problem, rather than be a part of it. you human hating
      idiots would like to assume that humanity loves to take pleasure in
      > torturing animals. your warped minds then twist every animal
      control action into some sort of animal holocaust. WRONG. you place
      animal life over humans. WRONG AGAIN. i would also like to respond to
      your attacks on
      > hunters. i hunt. i do not take special pleasure in mutilating or
      torturing animals. you vegi-nazi idiots try to impose your twisted
      science and values on everyone who hunts or eats meat. try respecting
      everyone elses values.
      > you are free to believe what you want in this great country, but
      you arent free to demogague any group that doesnt act up to par with
      your strange values. please dont ever email me again. dont give me
      name or emails out to
      > your sheep. leave me alone. lastly, if you want to make a
      difference, do something to help the problems before complaining,
      nobody cares what you think.
      > Humans aren't the only species on earth,
      > we just act like it.
      > www.GoBlackBeauty.com
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