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Re: Winter series 7/10

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  • salvage210
    Nah, don t sandbag it. Race to win, and if you don t take first, there s always next year.
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 3, 2010
      Nah, don't sandbag it. Race to win, and if you don't take first, there's always next year.

      --- In Coronado25@yahoogroups.com, "paul" <geogheganpaulecdl2001@...> wrote:
      > After a bad start we tacked at an advantageous point to reach the mark just behind the leading boat and it was now a goose wing over to the next mark. We tied a preventer onto the boom and quickly overtook the boat ahead. However he ducked in behind us to steal our wind and when he thought he had enough momentum to get past us he nosed out on our port side to attempt to overtake us. However Segocia was then able to quicken her pace again and this game of cat and mouse took place the whole way over to the next mark at which point we would have to harden in to a close reach.
      > We made our preparations and got ready and as we rounded the bend and hardened in the foresail for about three seconds I could not understand why the boom had not come across until my father shouted 'the preventer'. Realising I had forgot to undo it I jumped up on deck but could not untie it because of the force of the wind. Hanging just inside the starboard bulkhead is a machete so I grabbed it and sliced the rope allowing the boom to fly across. However by the time we had the sails set the other boat had left us behind. Segocia is faster downwind but upwind she would be slower in comparison so we came in second out of three boats.....second or second last depending on which way you look at it. With only three races left we would maybe need all three to stand a chance of winning the series. With a cup race coming up on St Stephens Day it might be best to sandbag the remaining three races in order to lower the handicap.........or is that like cheating??? What do you think?
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