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  • Club Admin
    Apr 18, 2014
      Dear Members
      I think that we have found a better way to help the club get funded in the future!
      I am writing a new book and have just created a new 'crowd-funding' campaign with indiegogo.com
      Please take a look at the following link (you can also see a video of me talking about it!)

      I would like our members to support this campaign by joining it (you can contribute a little if you like!)
      If you can spread the word via facebook, twitter etc, this would really help, and please email your family & friends about it.
      What I would like to see is our membership writing and sending us some money or time saving articles to go in the new book (you will get a mention in the book if you do!)
      Also, any good freebie links/sites you have found on the web lately

      Helping us out with this campaign, is a really nice way to support the club, and it will be much appreciated
      Club Admin