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1060Club Giveaways - September 12th

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  • Club Admin
    Sep 11, 2013
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      Dear Members

      Firstly... Why not help your family and friends by forwarding this message to them, they will definitely appreciate the thought and you'll help the club to grow at the same time!

      There is a new 'Club Mix' of Samples, Coupons & Freebie links, to look at today: September 12th


      If the link above is not 'clickable' (problems with Yahoo Groups again!) and you don't know how to copy/paste the link directly into your browser, simply 'hightlight' the link, then right click on your mouse and select 'Search Google for...'

      Google will then find the link to us (clickable), and it should be at the TOP of the page of their selection... easy!

      Club Admin

      Unsubscribe Info:

      Login to the group (the name of this particular Yahoo group can be found in the 'subject line' of this email message), when you arrive at the group's home page, you will see a link 'Edit Membership' in the middle of the page, near the top.

      Click this link and you will be taken to a new page, where at the bottom right side, you will see a grey button that says 'Leave Group' Click this, then confirm this by clicking the blue 'Leave Group' button on the next page.

      That's it, follow these instructions and you will be unsubscribed from the group!

      There is also a Yahoo Groups 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom right of this email, to get you started!