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Re: [Control-X] Using FTP in controlM

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  • Adam Lovick
    Just call this as a job. Give the files as Autoedit variables. #!/bin/sh ftp machine
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2003
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      Just call this as a job. Give the files as Autoedit variables.

      ftp machine <<EOF

      get $1 $2

      The ftp client will exit 0 on a tidy exit, no matter what it does with the actual transfer. It will give a particular message on stderr when it terminates successfully when run in batch mode, so watch for that in an On statement and you should be all right.

      Adam Lovick
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      syed inshan
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      Subject: [Control-X] Using FTP in controlM
      01/05/2003 07:47
      Please respond to

      Has any one used an FTP script on AIX for importing a file from another AIX box within the Network? IS Any special coding is required in the Job Def?

      Using CTM 224 and ECS 508

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