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Re: Replacing Control-M?

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  • probins06
    That question cannot be answered without knowing your requirements. You haven t even mentioned what platforms you are running, how many agents etc. Different
    Message 1 of 11 , Apr 1, 2012
      That question cannot be answered without knowing your requirements.
      You haven't even mentioned what platforms you are running, how many agents etc. Different schedulers are better for different environments.

      I would start with a requirements list then perhaps use the Gartner workload Automation quadrant survey to target some vendors. You would probably include IBM\Tivoli and CA. Note that last time I checked CA still had different products for different size enterprises which is another reason lots of people left them in the past. Control-M is great for scaling as your business grows (but yeah, their licensing sucks!)

      We did a merger a few years ago and had the following requirements to compare products:
      Must be able to schedule integrated batch streams across various operating systems.
      Must be able to schedule integrated batch streams across various business applications.
      Must be able to schedule the following job types:
      Windows .cmd & .bat
      Windows\Unix\Linux commandline
      Unix\Linux shell scripts (.sh)
      Must capture completion codes for all the above
      Must capture job sysout for all the above
      ·         Must be able to give a high-level overview of the various processes that are running, what is failing and what is running late, in a single view.
      ·         Must provide flexible exception alerting (i.e. different escalation based on RC) to the enterprise event management system.
      ·         Must provide conditional scheduling (i.e. trigger different job\event based on RC).
      ·         Must provide ability for automation to update environmental status conditions.
      ·         Must provide logical quantitative resource control.
      ·         Must provide logical Control resources (e.g. Exclusive & Shared resource control)
      ·         Must provide global environment variable capability to enable generic application code.
      Must provide Date\Time substitution capability
      Must provide Date calculation ability
      Should provide an intuitive interface for non-expert use.
      Must be Windows cluster compatible.
      Should provide load & resource-balance capability.
      Must provide critical path management, including dynamic batch completion forecasting and Business Service Management integration.
      Must provide for User initiated batch streams (API).
      Must provide for Application initiated batch streams, including CICS (API).
      Should be able to be source controlled.
      Must be secure. Security should not be cumbersome to manage. Must be able to limit user access to particular batch streams.
      Must support cyclic processes, and cyclic job dependencies.
      Must provide automatic rerun\restart capability. Should provide rerun limits?
      Must be able to take action based on sysout strings.
      Should provide midrange job sysout life cycle management.
      Must allow user to view mainframe sysout from the user interface.
      Must allow user to view open systems sysout from the user interface.
      File\Dataset event triggers for mainframe and midrange.
      Must be able to be supported by the vendor in accordance with SLA requirements.
      Should provide dynamic physical resource allocation\manipulation.
      Must provide `maybe' processing. (e.g. Daily job JobB waits for monthly job JobA when it is scheduled)
      Must provide sophisticated scheduling\calendar capability. (public holidays, business calendars etc.; first Saturday of month etc.)
      Should provide linking to job documentation.
      May be required to support multiple timezones.
      Should provide job submission priority management based on logical resources.
      Must provide restart dataset handling (mainframe).
      Must be scalable.
      Should have a web service interface to support Bank strategic direction.
      Should provide a secure web gui.

      --- In Control-X@yahoogroups.com, "Shancey, Jay" <shanceyj@...> wrote:
      > I've been associated with Control-M for over 10 years now (when it was version 5.0.08), however the latest and greatest maintenance pricing has prompted management to consider a replacement.
      > Part of me says, "You can't do that! Control-M is vital to the operation of this company!"
      > The other part of me say, "Another scheduling package would look good on a resume and the conversion process will give me jobs security for at least another two years plus guaranteed."
      > Question is... if you had to replace Control-M what product would you look at?
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