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RE: [Control-X] Activate Application opening IE - only after checking the editor?

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  • Shancey, Jay
    Here s what BMC said: Hello Jay. This problem seems to be a manifestation of bug BECS007386. This was fixed in EM 6.2.01 Fix Pack 5. I have tested the
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 1, 2008

      Here’s what BMC said:


      “Hello Jay.


      This problem seems to be a manifestation of bug BECS007386. This was fixed in EM 6.2.01 Fix Pack 5.


      I have tested the 'Activate Application' function in the EM 6.2.01 GUI at various maintenance levels, and I only get this problem with Fix Pack 4 applied.


      I also believe that you don't need to go into the Active Applications Editor to get the 'Active Application' to function. Selecting ANY option, including 'Help'. from the main GUI Toolbar will do the job.


      So, to conclude, I would recommend that you go to Fix Pack 5 to resolve this Issue. Meanwhile ask your users to just click on 'Help' when they start the EM GUI, after that all should work fine.”


      I have to look at what else FP5 does, if any problems have come out of FP5 installation, test it, etc. before moving forward.


      I’ll let you know my findings.






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      Hi Jay,

      I put in the same issue to BMC about 6 months back, and they told me it wasn't fix even in version 6.3.01
      I don't think they had very come across the issue until I reported it.

      Let me know if they tell you it's fixed in FP5 for - I would be very interested.
      As this was a show stopper for us.

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      "Shancey, Jay" <shanceyj@aptea. com>
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      RE: [Control-X] Activate Application opening IE - only after checking the editor?




      I just got a reply back from BMC… looks like FP5 corrects it, they’re confirming.




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      Thursday, January 31, 2008 1:55 PM
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      Re: [Control-X] Activate Application opening IE - only after checking the editor?


      Total shot in the dark, but is the GUI client on a terminal server/Citrix box or on your desktop.

      If the former, could it possibly be that another user's settings are overwriting the registry settings - I think this is how the AA's are stored? Then once you go into AAE the local registry is updated once more.


      As I've said, total guess and not something I've come across...


      Good luck.



      On 30/01/2008, Shancey, Jay <shanceyj@aptea. com> wrote:

      Howdy folks,


      Opened a ticket on this yesterday and thought I'd throw it out to the group.


      Running EM/GUI and using the Activate Application (or at least trying to) for the job docs, which opens IE to display the info about the job.


      Here's the situation, created the Active Application (AA) in the Activate Application Editor (AAE) for documentation… works great.


      Next day however, opened a new EM/GUI session, checked the schedule and went to open my new AA for the docs… nothing happens.


      Clicked the AA again… waited a few minutes, nothing happens.  


      Checked the config in the AAE, looks good, tried opening the AA again and there it is.




      Closed the EM/GUI, opened it and tried to open AA… nothing. Checked the AAE and tried opening the AA, it worked.


      Bottom-line, it looks like the AA will not open until after I open/close the AAE.


      Any suggestions to get the AA to open without doing an open/close on the AAE?  




      Ed Emery
      ed.emery77@gmail. com


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