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Re: [Control-X] shout for cyclic jobs

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  • billy bob
    I indulged way too much in the new year celebration and may still be waffled - but here goes my shot at this: Use BIM. Just kidding. As far as I know, there
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 1, 2008
      I indulged way too much in the new year celebration and may still be waffled - but here goes my shot at this:
      Use BIM.  Just kidding.
      As far as I know, there are two ways:
      1. A seperate job for each time iteration.  I know it sounds silly but it works.
      2. Kind of the same as 1, you just wont be 'defining' each job.  This method will need to be scripted.  Basically, a ctmcreate utility would be used in place of your cyclic job.  The ctmcreate would be cyclic.  The scripting will be necessary to update a parm file that you would need to increment the next time submission.  So every 30 minutes the script would run that would ctmcreate a job into the ajf with whatever parameters you wanted.  The exec time parm and the latesub parm would have to come from a parm file. This is where you need some scripting logic to increment the exectime and latesub parms on the next run.  I know this sounds like a bit much -  BUT if this is something you will need to do often, you will be able to use this script for every situation where it is needed without defining 40 jobs each time.
      I hope this helps, you should get familiar with the different utilities, I have done clever things using them the way they were intended and the way they are not  :) 
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      amit0kumar <amitkr22@...> wrote:
      i am using Control M 6.1.03

      For cyclic jobs following is feasible:

      Point#1- Late Sub can be used only for the first run of the cyclic
      job. Here we have to specify the time at which we want a shout.
      For example, the job TEST01 is scheduled to run at 0030 interval of
      1 hour, so we can specify a time, like 0045, at which we will get a
      shout if the job did not run. the next run is schd at 0130, 0230,
      0330 .......

      here is the question:
      what to include in job shout parameter to monitor its subsequent run.
      like if the job didnot get triggered at 0230 because of any reason,
      how to get a shout for this.

      i DONT want to use BIM.


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