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  • Edward
    HOT OFF THE PRESS: The Christian Testimony of Major-General James Ewell Brown Stuart Introductory Price - $5 plus $2.50 shipping and handling FROM THE BACK
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2006
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      The Christian Testimony of Major-General James Ewell Brown Stuart

      Introductory Price - $5

      plus $2.50 shipping and handling


      "The Life of Major General J.E.B. Stuart, the `eyes and ears of
      Lee,' was a great example of valor, zeal, and devotion to God. His
      exploits will not only give readers valuable insight into the War
      Between the States, but will also reveal Stuart's true source of
      courage - his Christian faith."

      Michael J. McHugh
      Christian Liberty Press

      FROM THE FORWORD - by Col. J.E.B. Stuart IV:

      As the great-grandson of Major-General James Ewell Brown Stuart I
      have often been asked for an opinion of this great man's legacy to
      the nation, and how he should be remembered. Although my answer has
      changed, as I have grown older, one central theme has endured
      through the years: He was a man who fought for a cause that he
      deeply believed in with tenacity and a steadfast commitment that is
      remarkable by any standard.

      My great-grandfather knew how to organize and lead men in combat,
      his assessment skills were second to none, and he had no equal in
      technical proficiency in the development and use of cavalry. As a
      result, he played a major role in developing the doctrines that
      still shape mobile warfare today. If you were to visit an Armored
      Cavalry [tank] Regiment today and ask the Commanding Officer to
      describe the unit's strategy he would describe it in terms very
      similar to those developed by General Stuart during the War for
      Southern Independence.

      Many books have been written about my great-grandfather, his
      military career, his rise through the ranks to command of the
      Confederate Cavalry, his great exploits in battle, the victories he
      won, and even his tragic and untimely death in the service of his
      country. But to my knowledge, this is the first and only book to be
      written entirely on the Christian faith and personal character of
      General Stuart. While many authors have written on all that my
      grandfather did, Dr. Ed DeVries has written this book to help show
      us the inner faith and spirit of this great man.

      General Stuart possessed an integrity, personal character, and
      convictions of conscience sadly lacking in many men today. He was a
      faithful Christian man with a strong biblical belief. While General
      Stuart did not fear men or bullets, he did fear God, and this was
      the true reason for all of his successes in life, both as a man and
      as a soldier. J.E.B. Stuart's faith was his "center of gravity." It
      was the foundation upon which all of his life and actions rested.

      This short, well put together book, composed largely of excerpts
      from my grandfather's own writing, will give the reader great
      insight into the faith and character that was Major-General James
      Ewell Brown Stuart.


      Foreword (by Col. J.E.B. Stuart IV)

      Chapter One: Godly Heritage
      Chapter Two: Student Record
      Chapter Three: Faithfulness While on Frontier Duty
      Chapter Four: Fearlessness as a Soldier
      Chapter Five: Always Fighting for the Glory of God
      Chapter Six: Faithfulness to the Local Church
      Chapter Seven: Efforts to Seek Conversions
      Chapter Eight: Faithfulness to the Bible and Prayer
      Chapter Nine: The Way He Lived the Scripture
      Chapter Ten: A Man without Vice
      Chapter Eleven: His Personal Letters
      Chapter Twelve: Official Military Reports
      Chapter Thirteen: Personal Poetry
      Chapter Fourteen: Deathbed Assurance of Faith
      Chapter Fifteen: The Eulogies Given
      Chapter Sixteen: In My Hand No price I Bring
      Chapter Seventeen: A Godly Legacy

      End Notes

      SHIPPING & HANDLING IS JUST $2.50 regardless of how many books you

      To purchase this new book send check or money order for $5 per book
      plus $2.50 to:

      Dr. Ed DeVries
      1549 Stuckey Road
      Dubberly, Louisiana [71024]

      OR YOU CAN SEND PAYPAL PAYMENT TO: paypalpayments@...

      If you prefer the security of buying this book on eBay you can
      purchase it from eBay user: user100008521

      May God bless our beloved South!
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