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  • Jan Flood
    On wolves - we had a wonderful wolf hybrid when we lived in CA. Purchased him from a guy on the Indian Reservation who had permits to bred the timber wolves
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      On wolves - we had a wonderful wolf hybrid when we lived in CA.  Purchased him from a guy on the Indian Reservation who had permits to bred the timber wolves to his German Sheppard bitch.  Very wolfish, yellow eyes but a great dog.  When he was just a little puppy I tried to get something away from him and wore the scars from his sharp puppy teeth!  Definitely had another side to being a puppy :)  We lived in a canyon and he'd go up above our house and howl, we loved it :)  He'd also howl with us if we could get started.  Was always fine with our grandchildren but one day he grabbed the leg of one of the boys.  Ripped the pants but didn't hurt him.  I bought him a new pair and he teased his brother he could get a new pair too, just had to let champ bite him :)  Shortly after that he got rough with our granddaughter - I always thought he didn't recognize her in a new coat - but things had changed.  We took him to the vet and he had heart worms, very bad.  He recommended putting him to sleep - one for his health, two for the kids safety.  Broke our heart to do that, we'd had him for years.  
      We bought another hybrid, a black German Sheppard, bred and trained to walk the Berlin wall.  Waited 6 months to get him.  They bred a pure wolf in every so often to get that "side" of a dog.  I loved that dog, he was huge but we could take him anyplace, never barked and was so well mannered he was welcome anyplace.  Anyone could come down the driveway but no one got out of their car till we were close enough to give permission, even the local sheriff LOL.  He said the dog scared him to death, didn't bark just sat there looking at him through the window.  Likewise if we let you in the house he was fine, as long as we said you were ok, but you didn't leave without our say so.  He never barked, just stood in front of you so you couldn't move.  We moved to a farm, further out, and sadly he was attacked by coyotes one night - we suspect there was a female in heat.  He lived but had some paralysis in his spine and didn't roam around much after that.  Came home one day and he was laying in front of the door, dead.  After we cried we wrapped him in a special blanket and buried him under an apple tree in the pasture with a headstone.  Our replacement Sheppard, same source, moved to MO with us and loved being on a big farm.  After 10 more years though, we were all getting older, so we moved to town.  The neighbors were frightened of him but he was a love.  Had arthritis bad but lived a long life and now has his own resting spot under an oak tree at my granddaughters farm with a stone headpiece :)
      Sorry to ramble on, don't know too many people who enjoy wolves like we do,.
    • artrato3
      If anyone wants these books on audio contact me privately I have heaps! Lee   my blog http://anotherblogaccount.blogspot.com     
      Message 49 of 49 , Sep 5, 2010
        If anyone wants these books on audio contact me privately I have heaps!
          my blog http://anotherblogaccount.blogspot.com                   
        Please remove my details and use BCC if forwarding.
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        I know what you mean. I couldn't believe it took me so long to discover Dana Stabenow.
        The first book in the series is "A Cold Day for Murder", followed by "A Fatal Thaw", "Dead in the Water", "A Cold-Blooded Business." I think there are 17 titles so far starring Kate Shugak. Kate is Aleut and used to be an investigator for the Anchorage DA. She now does private investigating and lives in the woods with her wolf hybrid "Mutt".

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        What are the titles, Eliece?  I don't believe I've ever heard of this series.

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        I have been reading the Kate Shugak series set in Alaska and written by Dana Stabenow. Kate has a wonderful wolf hybrid that is such a great companion. If you read these, try to read them in order, as each one builds on the one that came before. Thoroughly enjoyable!

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