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  • Kathinka Batenburg-Mets
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      :-) One man's death... ;-)
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      Subject: Antw:{Spam?} Re: [CompositionArtJournals] Signature Journal

      Just wait until you hear what the paper actually was:
      I work at the mayor's office in my town and every time a member of the royal family dies we receive these boxes full off registers for people to sign their condolances (okay, this sounds like the royal family are dropping dead by the dozens, but over the years one can still collect a lot of paper). The registers are made up of these loose papers to be bound together later. But....we are a very small community so there's tons of these papers left. The paper is of quite good quality, thick and smooth. So one day a few weeks ago we were cleaning up the storage room at the office and I came across boxes and boxes of the stuff and knew they would never be used. So I took a box home with me and well, the first use is up on flickr, haha. All I really had to do was sew the papers together and that was that. I still now have many signatures I can make from that stash. The art god works in mysterious ways.... ;-)


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