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Re: Hi all!/Humor as a survival tactic /Art Therapy

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  • meriel33
    Kathy, I m new here and still lurking, but just wanted to suggest something. Learning to use humor as a survival tactic can be really helpful in opening up
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 15, 2008

      I'm new here and still lurking, but just wanted to suggest something.
      Learning to use humor as a survival tactic can be really helpful in
      opening up creativity. Go for the funny instead of documenting the dark.

      Some books that helped me were:

      Don't Get Mad, Get Funny"
      "The Healing Power of Humor"
      "Health, Healing and The Amuse System"
      "Comedy Writing Secrets"
      "How to Write and Sell Your Sense of Humor"
      "How to Draw Cartoons Editors Will Buy"

      It has been VERY difficult for me to learn to use humor ACTIVELY
      rather than just passively WATCH others use it. It is worth the work
      though. It has been a powerful coping technique and has opened up a
      new world of creativity.

      Finding humor in the darkest situations sends out powerful antidotes
      to the panic that is always flowing through me. I can actually FEEL
      the difference in my gut, muscles and heart rate. Then my thinking
      becomes clearer and I can usually function just well enough to make
      the decisions I need to make to keep myself alive.

      Sometimes I can even make others laugh. Mostly at me, instead of with
      me, but I'm working on it. Right now, watching someone as serious as
      me STUDY humor and ATTEMPT jokes, is funny I guess :-0

      Tension SCREAMS out to be relieved. People find things funny under
      tension, that they do not when things are happier. You have an
      audience begging to be amused. Start trying your new skills on them.

      My journal is not a scrapbook. It's notes on what I'm studying and
      learning. It even includes lists of books I want to check for at the
      library, and lists of terms I might want to google, and sometimes even
      notes of telephone messages. This week it's mostly attempts at
      mandalas, Celtic knots, spirals and Islamic art, attempts at drawing
      roads in perspective, collections of patterns in tight pen and ink,
      notes about how to fight against the tactics of strategically
      difficult people, notes from the above listed humor books, a page of
      decorative sample bullets to hopefully start adding to my notes,
      drawings of swans and notes from "The Ugly Duckling", practice
      drawings of skulls to decorate my difficult people notes, and sketches
      for the "scavenger hunt" at WetCanvas forum, and of course notes of my
      websearches and research, and telephone messages.

      Maybe instead of documenting your husband's illness you might want to
      try documenting your LEARNING PROCESS. Especially the things that help
      you deal with it. As soon as you start adding telephone message notes
      all pressure of "messing up" your journal is off. My "art" is just
      practice and decorating my notes, lists and messages. Almost
      EVERYTHING I write down or draw goes in my journal. My journal is
      NOTHING like a scrapbook. I'm too busy LIVING and GROWING to document
      the past. My journal is written in the PRESENT as it's happening. Real
      life is messy as it's happening and so is my journal. There is very
      little pretty reflection or even completed artwork that is not practice.

      One last thing. You might want to check out the book, "Drawing as a
      Sacred Activity". I just started it and am HIGHLY impressed. Art
      Therapy that actually teaches art. A true rarity. A lot of this book
      will be in this week's notes.

      Good luck!!! I hope some of this helps. If not, just know I cared
      enough to write :-)


      --- In CompositionArtJournals@yahoogroups.com, "Kathy" <kathleen@...>
      > It has been so long since I have posted here. We found out in march my
      > Hubby has cancer. So we have been dealing with that. It has been so
      > hard. The not knowing how things are going to turn out just wears you
      > out. He is doing REALLY well with the chemo. I want to write about all
      > this but I don't know if I can. I have been painting my pages so they
      > are ready for anything. I just can't seem to put anything on the pages.
      > I am hoping I can soon.
      > Kathy J IN Md.
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