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Transfers using bought papers - Paula

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  • Coleman, Bonnie M (J6C)
    you wrote Just to add to this...you can also make tape transfers using some of the papers you buy. I learned this from Tim Holz in one of his classes. Pretty
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2006

      you wrote

      Just to add to this...you can also make tape transfers using some
      of the papers you buy. I learned this from Tim Holz in one of his
      classes. Pretty cool!
      > Paula

      Can you share the technique you learned?  What type of papers?



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      Valerie wrote:
      > Hey Shelly,  I played around with my pictures in file with
      > paintbrush since my photo editor would not "stitch".  I really
      > appreciate how you describe what you did not the pages of your
      > album.  this is invaluable to me.

      i'm happy to help!  were you able to get the two halves of the
      spread together in one file?

      > on the pages  letters to Esther
      > page and happy I found and finished the sky   How did you do your
      > background? 

      the background for Happy I Found was done with cheap craft acrylics.
        i spread the paint really thinly with a credit card, then
      immediately "washed" all the excess off with a baby wipe.

      for Letters to Esther, I again spread cheap craft acrylics with a
      credit card, but i didn't wash off the paint.  i just let it dry as
      is.  if you look closely, it's uneven and you can see some of the
      marks where the credit card squeegeed the paint.  i used a tissue to
      rub some metallic silver paint around the edges, for a border.  then
        i stamped over the silver with blue acrylic paint, using a stamp i
      cut from an eraser with an Xacto knife.  it wasn't as complicated as
      it sounds.  actually, that page has so much layering because i
      couldn't stand the way it originally looked.  if i recall correctly,
      there's a layer of dark blue under the wine-colored background.

      > how did you get your writing to "show up" I need some basics.

      do you mean how did i get it to show up against the dark paint?  in
      the first one, i just used black ink (Faber-Castell Pitt pens have
      nice, rich pigment).  in the second one, i used a light colored gel pen.

      or did you mean how do you enhance the contrast in your photo editor
      to make the writing show up better?  in most programs, you can tweak
      the contrast under the Edit menu, or the Image or Tools menu.  you
      can play around with lightening it, darkening it, or upping the
      contrast.  or, you can do a combination of things.  i'm not familiar
      with Paintbrush, so i'm not sure exactly what it can do.  i imagine
      it has similar capabilities, though.

      one other thing i've noticed, is that it helps to scan at a higher
      resolution (i usually use 300dpi at 100% original size), then lower
      the resolution to 72dpi in your photo editing program.  the end
      result ends up being clearer and nicer looking than if you
      originally scan the image at 72dpi.  also, i keep the high
      resolution files archived, so that if i want to print them or use
      them at a later date, i don't have to rescan them.  after i upload
      the low res files to Flickr or my website or wherever, i discard them.


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