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8620finally - art inspiration, completed project, and blog posting (cross-posted)

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  • jill campbell
    Jun 29, 2014
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      cross-posted b/c i wanted most of my groups where i have not been active for the last 2.5 years since the F-2 tornado (straight-line wind) hit our house to see that i have accomplished a completed project and hope to be more involved and participating more in the groups and activities. while i have not been posting, i have still been reading the comments and viewing the posted art - so many of you have been inspirational to me while i was going through my art slump and withdrawal.

      hi guys --

      i haven't been around for a while. being creative and trying to keep up w/ everything after the tornado hit our house 2.5 years ago was just more than i could handle, but i have had a wonderful inspiration to get started.

      for me, i'm am seriously getting back into creating artwork and making a dedicated effort to post it on my blog and facebook. i NEED this to feel motivated and complete in my life.

      here is my first art blog post in 3 years!!! i hope you see MANY more in the near future! feel free to leave constructive criticism or helpful comments, preferably on the blog to make sure i don't miss seeing your comment!!!

      thanks to you all!

      maple leaf artistry: i'm back in the creative groove!
      http://wentupthehill.blogspot.com -- for personal pictures and stories