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Request for pro-migrant content: Progressive Congress News

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  • Will Coley
    Forwarded message from: neal rauhauser, nrauhauser@gmail.com Progressive Congress News (http://bit.ly/CPC-Immigration) collects policy stories and then
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2011
      Forwarded message from: neal rauhauser, nrauhauser@...

      Progressive Congress News (http://bit.ly/CPC-Immigration) collects
      policy stories and then delivers them to over 700 Congressional
      staffers. We have over a dozen active Twitter feeds, this content is
      seen by over 200,000 mobile users of Visible Vote in addition to the
      staffers, and our morning email is viewed as key intelligence for busy
      policy makers. We work directly with communication directors and
      chiefs of staff from the House Progressive caucus in order to tune our
      process, producing content that results in email open rates above 50%,
      an unheard of number for a news service.

      We struggle to find enough policy related content in the mainstream
      news for some areas. We are always interested to hear from groups that
      have well done studies, stories that related statistics to local or
      regional concerns, or personal interest stories that expose how a
      specific policy would impact real people.

      If you wish to inform and educate Congressional staff, if you can
      produce three to six stories of 250 to 1,000 words, and if you can get
      them all out in a week's time then we'd love to hear from you. We
      provide a simple, two page guide that tells you what kind of content
      works, and we'll help you time your release to maximize your exposure.

      Feel free to talk to @P2Hub, @Spedwybabs, or @SandiBehrns if you want
      to know more about this.


      Educating Via Progressive Congress News

      OK, so you’re a grassroots organization, or maybe a coalition of such
      groups, and you’re all excited because one of the Progressive Congress
      News editors picked up a story of yours and put it where hundreds of
      Congressional staffers will see it.

      But maybe it wasn’t the right story, maybe it was someone’s careful
      spin. Or maybe it was just the tip of the iceberg and the news sources
      we use will never get the full details out. There is a simple way for
      you to ensure that Congress gets the full story.

      Here is the advice we give any strategist from a grassroots
      coalition regarding getting your issue visible and educating both
      staffers and the public:

      • Have current legislation or a well founded study as the basis for
      your narrative
      • Get three or four people to write at least one article each
      • Articles should be factual reporting – OpEd is less than 5% of what
      we carry, and those are almost always authored by serious academics
      and heavy on statistics
      • Look at PCN before you start – which area does your story fit?
      • Diversity is good – make sure you have articles for at least two
      different PCN coverage areas.

      Here are some types of articles that work:

      • Revisit an old study by linking to it, update for today’s situation.
      • Refer to study or legislation, then make it real by connecting it to
      local/state issues
      • Personal story as basis, then show how proposed policy would make
      the situation better/worse for the subject.

      Here are some things that are absolutely unacceptable:

      • Lone media person creating three sock puppets to push issue – must
      be sourced by recognized groups with some history. Lone grassroots
      experts are fine, but not as a sole source.
      • Willful lack of journalistic integrity is a non-starter for us.
      Insisting on multiple sources is one way we thwart this, checking a
      bit ourselves on contentious issues is another.
      • Attempting to pay/gift editors. We welcome contributors of money,
      retired computers, and in kind donations, but these are always done
      transparently via our fiscal sponsor.

      Congress is bombarded on a daily basis by lobbying efforts
      calculated to muddy the waters. They value us because we help shut out
      the noise. If you’ve got facts, if you’re rigorous about presenting
      them, then we want to hear what you have to say.

      We value transparency. If you’ve taken this advice on how to
      produce content that fits our format you should let us know in the
      following ways.

      • Make contact in advance, let us know how many stories you have
      • Don’t drop all your stories on one day, plan on four or five over a week
      • Tweet a link to the relevant @PCN account for each story
      • Tweet the same link to some of the PCN editors
      • Point out to our editors the experts in the field who have Twitter, blogs, etc
      • Encourage those experts and your supporters to notice PCN

      Feel free to talk to @P2Hub, @Spedwybabs, or @SandiBehrns if you
      want to know more about this.
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