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  • Todd Kreinbring
    Good evening, Thank you Karen for putting this together again! Please disseminate this information to your units. It helps them greatly. Thank you, Todd
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2006
      Good evening,
      Thank you Karen for putting this together again!
      Please disseminate this information to your units.  It helps them greatly.
      Thank you,
      TRAINING!!! Yes, that time again.
      Here is the upcoming Arapahoe District Training schedules, please be sure to get all your new leaders or untrained leaders at the trainings as soon as possible. Please remember, this year National has brought on the new Health and Safety training and it is required that everyone take this as well. So if you have NOT been Health and Safety trained or your leaders, please be sure to at least take that portion of the training. You can email Jim Underhill (address below) to get approximate times of just that training.
      This Saturday 4th, from 8-1:30. Radisson Greystone Castle, I25 and 120th Ave.  Fee: $15, includes continental breakfast and lunch. Please RSVP to Jackie Neal at jneal@... This training is essential for all of us, it is training on dealing with boys with the special needs we can't always "see" such as ADHD, ADD, Bipolar, Autism, and Auschbergers, to name a few. Please plan on sending SOMEONE from your unit.
      Hope United Methodist Church-5101 S. Dayton (Belleview and Dayton)
      Fee: $5 includes Youth Protection
      3/18/06 (morning of District Dinner)
      8:30-12 noon
      Same place as NLE
      Fee: $10 (includes Health and Safety)
      Please use the Chautauqua registration form.
      Please send your new ASMs, SM and all troop committee members to these important trainings. Do not forget, Health and Safety as well. Especially important for Troops, Health and Safety will give you the rules and regulations as you start your summer programs. I learned some new things when I attended and I have been at this for a while myself. It is VERY important, especially for those of you in a Troop that are planning on leaving the Denver Area Council approved sites for your camping programs. For example, those of you leaving the state for your camps....Please do not be caught off guard and be safe out there. Goodness knows, we don't want anything to happen to any of you!!!
      Time and place to be determined.
      Please contact our Arapahoe District training Chair, Jim Underhill denver4und@...
      Fee: $35 (meals included)
      CUBS AND BOY SCOUTS-again, this is important that you have more than one or two of your leaders outdoor trained!!! What happens if one of the trained leaders can not make a campout? Cancel the campout? This is a MUST have training for ALL Webelo leaders, especially if they are planning on taking their Webelos outdoors to teach them the beginnings of Boy Scouting. Boy Scout leaders, this is imperative for your program!!!  If you or your leaders have NOT been outdoor trained within the last 3-5 years, it is a MUST that they attend one of the new outdoor training classes. Though this is a Webelo training, it will work for Boy Scout leaders as well.
      All the training forms will be available at RT tomorrow night as well.
      Please, do not forget the District Dinner March 18th and to get your nomination forms in to the office as well. Those forms will also be available at RT.
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