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    Good Afternoon!   RECHARTERS: Recharters are now due!! You have until Feb 15th to get it all together and turned in. PLEASE remember signatures, and a check
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      Good Afternoon!
      Recharters are now due!! You have until Feb 15th to get it all together and turned in. PLEASE remember signatures, and a check for it to be complete. You need the EXECUTIVE officer's signature of your unit, not the COR. Also, a commissioner or DE or DD signature. Any of your Unit Commissioners or myself can handle that for you.
      Do not forget any applications you still have outstanding to make it all complete. This includes new leaders, boys, etc.
      NEW THIS YEAR: We will all be at the SE Scout Office on Saturday Feb 11th from 8am-11am to help you with all of this paperwork and to help you to get it all in on time. If you have any questions or concerns before then, please do not hesitate to contact either myself or your UC. Please try to have all your signatures at that time so you will be ready to turn it in. We appreciate that.
      Please do not forget to sign up or have one of your leaders sign up to go to the special needs training being offered on March 4th at Radisson Graystone Castle, I25 and 120th. It is from 8-1:30, continental breakfast and lunch will be provided. Cost is $15 but is FREE to the first 50 people who sign up. I feel this training is essential to all of us who work with youth and we probably all have a child in our unit that this will help. This training is geared more towards the special needs that we don't typically "see", such as ADHD, ADD, Bipolar, Autism, Aushbergers, etc. To RSVP please contact Jneal@... Douglas Cty Schools would very much like to see us get more geared towards working with the special needs children in their schools, thus we will be building a better partnership within the school district as well.

      THE SCOUT SHOW IS COMING!!!! Sooner than you think!!! April 22nd, 10-5pm at the national Western Complex hall of Education. If you have not signed up a volunteer from your unit to be in charge of ticket sales and booth set up, etc, please do that as soon as you can. Please call that person's name into Jarrod or Nick as soon as possible. We would like to have the number of tickets you order available at the March RT for pick up. The scout can earn a free patch for selling 10 tickets or more. Plus cool prizes. The cards are $5 each, have over $100 worth of coupon savings on them. The unit gets $1 and the scout gets $1 also in commission for selling these tickets. Please get more information on the Arapahoedistrict.com website. Happy selling. Also, don't forget to get your booth requests in as soon as possible if you are going to have a booth there. There are Scout Show packets available at both scout offices if you are looking for ideas for a booth this year.
      CHAUTAUQUA 2006:
      NO, it isn't just for Boy Scout leaders....Sure, it is AIMED at the Boy Scout leaders, it their "PowWow".  But Cub leaders,  please do not dismiss this training event. On Saturday March 11th, from 7:30-4:30 at the LDS Church-Highlands Ranch 9800 S. Foothills Canyon Blvd. (where we have RT). Please look online for a registration form or pick up one from the office or myself. There are over 70 classes to choose from. BS leaders, come and learn new things about different aspects of the scouting program you may not be familiar with yet. Cub Leaders, get those Webelo leaders and yourselves there to learn what it will be like to become a BS leader and how much fun it is!! Plus learn some tricks like rope tying to teach your Webelos for their rank advancement. Plus, take some of the outdoor classes, help to improve your Pack's camping experiences!!! Also, Health and Safety training will be available there as well. This is something that is now required for all units. Come check it out!!!
      ALSO AVAILABLE AT CHAUTAUQUA!!! BALOO-make sure you have enough TRAINED leaders for all your outdoor programs this summer.  This is for Boy and Cub leaders!!! BS-please be sure you have more than 2 adult leaders trained at the outdoor level for your programs. Remember, 2 deep leadership, could be a problem if you only have one outdoor trained person... These leaders must have had this training within the last 3 years...that is VERY important!!! Gives you leaders more leeway also if you are the only trained outdoor leader and you can't make an outing. Cub leaders-be SURE you have at least 2 as well, within the last 3 years. This is recommended for Mageness as well as any activities you may go on in your Unit. Plus, ESSENTIAL for all Webelo leaders who are taking their boys camping to get them ready for BS. Also available that day:
      BS new leader fast start, new leader essentials for BS, Leader specific for BS, Venturing leader specific, troop committee challenge, as well as SUPPLEMENTAL YOUTH LEADER training for the boys that want to learn more leader training. Register before February 25th to save yourself some money!!!

      Registration is now being accepted for Peaceful Valley camps as we speak. As you all know, some of these dates go VERY quickly!!! Scouters, be sure to find your session, get your deposit and applications in soon so you can  get the session you want. All paperwork is available at either scout office. Do not wait long or you will find your session is full.
      Day Camp is only being offered in our District for 3 days this year. June 27-29th at deKoevend Park. The cost is $35 per scout. Group Guides are no charge. They are also in need of Boy Scouts who need to earn service hours or community service hours to help with booths such as shooting sports (we can also assist in them gaining their merit badge) crafts, and games. BOY SCOUTS, interested in helping, please contact Steve King at steve.king@...  Cubbies wishing to participate, please fill out a registration form, either online or at the office. Registrations are due in no later than Friday My 19th. All will get a t-shirt!!! All participants will need to pack a lunch, bring sun screen and a hat, and come ready to have FUN!!! Remember, we NEED group guides, so please ask parents if they will go and be in charge of a group from your unit. I will see you there!!!
      Harlem Globetrotters:
      Friday April 7th, 7pm Pepsi Center. we are invited to attend the pre-game session of Globetrotter university at 5:15. We get the opportunity to learn from some of these world class athletes!!! Special patches available for .50, scout discount tickets available, all tickets are $14. First come first served. Please contact Cyndee Young at cygroups@... or 303-262-9790 on information on how to get your group there, and to order or with questions.

      Do you want advanced first aid skills in your unit?? Post 525, the Aurora medical Team is offering it's first annual First Responder medical course to scouters AND scouts. This is the highest non-professional medical rating for volunteers. Training is March 4th to March 26th Saturdays and Sundays 9-4 at Johnson Habitat. Cost is $130, includes books, bp cuff, scope, supplies and certification. You will need to attend all sessions. Adults and older youth are appropriate for this training. If interested, send email to firstaid@..., please give them your name, phone and email.
      CPR/AED & First Aid classes
      If you are interested in having American Red Cross trained personnel to come to your unit and teach your leaders and parents this helpful information, please contact the CPR staff at cpr@... These classes can be offered as a demo, education or full certification, based on your units needs. The cost is very competitive to "retail" classes. List of classes include: Adult CPR (with or without AED), Child CPR, Infant CPR, First Aid basics, Webelos Readyman. We will be using volunteer instructors and the Councils equipment.

      PS: Thanks Karen for allowing me to utilize your document for this email!!

      Yours In Scouting:
      Cyndi Fyke
      303 995-0692 cell
      303 470-7772 office
      303 470-7838 fax
      303 683-9694 home
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