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Info from RT meeting

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    I am sorry I was not physically able to make the meeting this evening. I wanted to give you the information that Mark wanted everyone to have. Please get this
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      I am sorry I was not physically able to make the meeting this evening.
      I wanted to give you the information that Mark wanted everyone to have. Please get this information out to your units.
      Office Relocation:
      The scout service center will close at 5pm on Friday Dec 19th. and reopen on Jan. 6th at 8am at our new location. The Hamilton Headquarters. 10455 W. 6th Ave. suite 100, Denver 80215. The scout shop will close on Sat. Dec. 20th at 3pm and reopen  on Monday January 12th. Please know that they have been letting their stock deplete for their move. If anyone needs anything for Jan advancement etc. might want to call first to see if they have stock. They may want to try scoutstuff.org for anything that they are missing. Our professionals will be working from home in the interim.
      The new name of this program will be the USA-Unit Success Award. We will be having a CQU/CRP night on December 10th at the Village Inn at Holly and Arapahoe for anyone not at RT this evening. CQU's HAVE to be turned in by that time. CRP's will be done at this time as well. Please plan on attending the 10th at Village Inn so we can get our units completed. We will have PIE!!! CRP's are due no later than the January 8th RT.
      Jan 8th RT will be the recharter night. Feb 1st is the new due dates for the recharters. Drop dead by Feb 15th, but we do not want to necessarily announce that. We will have drop off sites available within the district in Jan. Please remind your units that SCOUTMASTER and CUBMASTERS only are to sign the recharters. CC do not count. Your units should be making an appt with their Executive Officer and make a plan to get their signatures before the due date. Unless units specifically asked for a hard copy, it will all be done online. Units should have had a card mailed to them with their units codes for recharter on them.
      Mark would like us all to add the date of Jan 24th to our calendar for Commissioner College. Registration is available online. It will be at our RT location from 8-4.
      The district dinner will be March 21 with a Superheroes theme. Please advise all your units to start nominating their outstanding scouters and get those registrations in. Also, nominations for the Spirit of Polaris and District Award of Merit. The requirements for these awards is volunteers who have been doing wonderful things in their units and have started to do things for the District and or Council (SOP). DAM is for volunteers who have stepped it up a notch and have been continuing their support with the District and Council.
      Dec 10th-CRP/CQU at Village Inn
      Dec 19th-Scout Service Center closes
      Dec 20th- Scout Shop closes
      January 6th- Hamilton Center opens
      Jan 8th-RT-re charter and CRP final turn in
      Jan 12th-scout shop opens
      Jan 24th-Commissioner College
      Jan 30-31st-Klondoree at A-Basin
      Feb 1-recharter paperwork target date
      February 15th-last day for "on time" recharter
      Feb 20th-Eagle Scout Banquet
      March 21- District Dinner
      April 25th-Scout show
      May 13th-DAC Volunteer Recognition Dinner
      Thanks for everything you do!!! Have a wonderful holiday and please remember the Reason for the Season.
      Karen Mansfield
      Assistant District Commissioner
      Arapahoe District
      Da Bears
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